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Brandon Sleepypaws

Looking for a collar

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I been looking around recently for a collar to buy online, but the ones I been finding either come in extreme kits that I don't want, or look way to BDSM (Such as extreme chains, metal, and spikes) I am looking for a collar that is  purple, cute and simple, (with the option to put a leash or a little tag or something on it,) But  I just can't find a reliable online source.

I know this sounds silly, but I am kind of new to pet play. Where would I go for such a thing? I want something made for humans, and will last,  not something from a cheap pet store, like my last one. Any and all assistance, suggestions, or help would be greatly appreciated. 

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Just search on Etsy for "petplay collar" and there will be tons of quality options from sellers! Many sellers have custom made collars as an option so you can pick every color for the collar and more! I bought two collars from two different sellers on Etsy and I love them!

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