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Help please (school project)

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Okay, so, I suck at art in general and I don’t know what my teacher thought, but there’s a new mural that’s going to be painted on the school’s side facing the houses (everyone will see it) and the bosses asked the art teachers to choose students for the sketches... and TA DAAAAAA, surprise surprise, I’m one of them. I feel like it’s maybe because we have a good relationship 😂 but alright. And I don’t know what I thought, but I said yes. So here I am. Half finished. Not even colorized. I’m freaking out. 



There are restrictions:


-lots of colors 

-school stuff

-the school’s logo (I hid it on the picture)


-landmarks because of the trips the school offers, maybe artistic thingies, etc. 


Here it is. I fear there’s not enough sport, but I don’t want it to be too charged. On the cheeks there are the EVB and Oxfam logo, then at the very bottom there’s the Amnesty International logo “fading” in the face like the face is from the candle’s light. 


So yeah. Help. Please. If there’s anything I should add or re-draw, please tell me!


Edited by Tarzan2003!

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Okay, okay. Your first words are "I suck at art in general"

... you have a Bob Ross picture as your avatar (I am wearing a Bob Ross shirt now actually), and you proceed then to post a unique, dimensional, and history abstract picture using multiple styles (Incredibly difficult by the way) where your angles are true and lines are smooth.....And your saying you "Suck at art in general.".  You don't suck at art in any way. Your art is AMAZING


As to answer your question about adding more sport, honestly I think its great the way it is. If it needs to be "more" perhaps just spreading the balls outside of the corner.


......and mabey some happy little trees.



Edited by Brandon Sleepypaws
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