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Bedtime soothers

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What is your beat bedtime soothing items? Do you like a bottle of milk or just your paci n some stuffies?...do you haves a special blankey to be tucked in with or do you stay up late and wait to snuggle up with Daddy?...

Lol i do all of these..some nights Daddy tells me its bedtime n i made a bottle of vanilla milk n snuggle in with my favorite stuffies n special blankey and other nights i fall alseep on Daddy while we're cuddled up watching a movies and sometimes im already asleeps when Daddy comes home from work so he wakes me for a little snackie n tucks me back in after before he plays videogames to unwind after work...every night is different but always have some sort of little routine to it lol....but my favorite is a bottle of vanilla milk in my blue triangle shaped bottle while being snuggled up safe n warm in daddy's big strong arms...the triangle bottle is the best cuz you can prop it up on a stuffie n it stays instead of rolling away like i normal round bottle


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Once I've done my before bed stuff (brush teeth, take meds, that sort of thing) I get my security monkey, turn on my lullaby album, and tell Daddy I'm ready to be tucked in (by text).


I've found out (the hard way) that it takes 2 hours to fall asleep if I don't get my tuck-in text, and it has to be in real time... If he goes to bed before me and sends the message early it's just not to same.

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My bedtime routine is i usually puts on futurama or pink panther. I gets all snuggled im my JLA an StarWars blankies with Bo,Dopey or Momo an Momo holds my sippy so it no roll away. We watch cartoons until we fall asleeps. I has to be my own caregiver for now🙂


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I absolutely cannot sleep without my puppy stuffy. I would provide a picture as you did, but my webcam is not working at the moment. My favorite bedtime soother would be my stuffy, but favorite soothing activity will have to be wrapping up in a thick soft blanket, and rocking to sleep slowly (Even if it is just myself) while whispering soft bedtime encouragement. I may not even be to tired but once i start that bedtime routine, i don't even remember falling asleep, and am out like a light.


I tried to use a bottle, but i always fall asleep with it dropped off the side of my mouth...

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