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Goodnights fit me great...i have a larger bottom and smaller waist...the places to measure for diapers and pull ups are the bottom and hips tho as most dont come all the way upto the smallest point in your waist..however they are usually sized by weight because they expect to hold a certian amount of fluid per pound...the lg-xlg size is what i wear..its rated for 60-125lbs or 27-57kg....im about 100lbs so they are comfy n not too tight but a good close fit....i dont use mine for wetting or messing so i dont know how they hold upto that but as far as the stretch and fit it works for those of us too big for baby and toddler sizes but still too small for adult sizes...they are also more of a cottony fabric instead of being plasticy so its a bit more comfy for snuggling upto Daddy...i haves the offbrand ones cuz its like $4 cheaper than the actual goodnights but its same sizing and still cute patterns...its only about $8 for the 12 pk and you can buy them in most stores that sell diapers and pull ups



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