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Guest chels

Pacis, sippy cup and little clothes

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18 hours ago, WickedDaddy said:

Try the folks over at FreePaci.com . Weird, they posted earlier here - then just got banned from this site and called me. Not clear on what they did. I actually helped them by letting them use my shipping account when they ordered their pacis. They are a good group of Littles and Mommies and Daddies in Redmond, Wa trying to do something pretty cool (I think). From looking at their site the best route is to get more than a few so you get the shipping costs down. I think at 5 pacis you are getting them at less than $4 and some change each. Either way - I personally feel its a great option. Anywho - my 2 cents.


The ban was made for advertising on the site without permission. This rule protects the community from spam  which could otherwise flood the boards. Accounts for groups are also generally not permitted unless given special permission as these may represent views and beliefs that are contrary to DDlgWorld's ethos and which may even be unlawful in some jurisdictions.


That all being said, should anyone have something they wish to advertise with us, or would like an official club or other group account with us, feel free to discuss this with me in a private message and we'll see what we can do :3

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