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    This is a safe place to educate yourself on kink-related topics, make friends and become involved in the kink community.

    We welcome everybody here, but we will not tolerate those who are disrespectful to others, or who do not follow these rules.

    By using this website or its associated Discord server, you agree to be bound by these rules and those listed on the Discord server.


    Please note that this is a community forum - it is not a dating site and must not be treated as such.



    We protect our site by not allowing underage users. Lying about your age in order to gain access to the forum will result in an immediate ban.



    • Be respectful towards other users.  Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
    • Cyber-bullying shall not be tolerated.
    • No mini-modding.
    • Do not publicly post your personal details, ie. surname, phone number, etc.
    • Do not publicly advertise off-site accounts, businesses or clubs without express permission e.g. in dedicated topics such as: add-your-tumblrs
    • Personal-ad related content is not permitted - either on the forum or Discord chat. This includes topics created specifically to find a partner, or comments such as "any single littles/caregivers" in chat.
    • No predatory behaviour. We define this as harassing or deliberately upsetting another user, using the forum to ‘collect’ a number of different partners who are unaware of each other, repeatedly asking users for photos or personal information, etc.
    • No trolling.
    • No catfishing. Do not pretend to be someone you are not e.g. age, appearance, gender.
    • No icons or photos that include explicit nudity or pornographic content - regardless of gender. No genitals, nipples or bottoms.
    • Absolutely no pictures of minors, paedophilia (this includes lolicon and shota), bestiality, glorification of drugs, suicide, or self harm. This includes pictures intended as a joke.
    • Do not take credit for photos, images or content that was not created by you.
    • Do not upload photos of anyone who has not given their permission for their image to be used by you.
    • No discussion or images/depictions of illegal sexual activity such as rape, bestiality, minors, or incest.
    • English is required on the forum, as we can't moderate content we do not understand.
    • Only one account is permitted per person. Accounts for groups are not permitted except with express permission.


    Threads & Posts

    • Do not spam threads or posts with repeated or similar messages.
    • Please do not have excessively large signatures.
    • Do not start a thread to promote or advertise your business/shop etc. without permission.



    • If someone breaks a rule, either file a report through the site, or contact a member of forum staff as soon as possible. If someone is bothering you on the forum through pm, in chat, or otherwise. You can always contact a staff member to voice your concerns.
    • Where possible/relevant, please screenshot any evidence you have. Without evidence, no action can or will be taken. We will contact you about how to send that to us, but we will not accept copy/paste conversations as evidence.
    • Please be aware that issues which occur away from the forum (Tumblr, kik, Skype, etc.) cannot and will not be moderated by forum staff, UNLESS that issue proves that a user is underage or breaking a forum rule.
    • Bans and warnings are at the staff’s discretion - we take all reports seriously, but a report does not mean the user will be reprimanded without investigation.


    Staff reserve the right to

    • Terminate, suspend, or moderate any user’s account and/or activity for a violation that may not have been explicitly stated in the rules. If the majority of forum staff agree that action must be taken, it will be taken.
    • Alter the rules if a previously unregulated issue is brought to their attention.
    • Lock, edit, or remove any material posted in the forum which is deemed to be inappropriate.