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  1. Littles with children

    Thats soo important! Don't hide your stuff like it's false or strange. I have the exact same Feelings @Littlebitty. My daughter is 15 months old. I was 17 when i gave birth to my daughter. After a few months I discoverd I like Onesies, Pacis and Diapers. I have the same dream like you. Being Little 24/7 with a own Little room. My Boyfriend said when our daughter moved out i will get my room ^_^ I will be 35+ too but i don't care because i know i will be a Little at all. Until then, remember: One day your son willl go to the kindergarden and School. So you have a few hours to be yourself. And when he get older he will hang out with his friends and he learn to knock on your door so you have some privacy in your bedroom. So your not alone. I feel the same like you. Stay strong. We can make it through this :)
  2. Why do you use a pacifier? O.o

    Hi, I use a paci because it helps me when I‘m stressed. It gives me a good feeling. I use Adult Pacis from ABDL/DDLG stores. I only have two but i want much more :D Daddy say it is ok but I have to take it out my mouth when we speak. Especially when we talk about Adult things.
  3. Looking for a collar

    Hi, Do you looked at etsy? There many stores for pet play gear. Here is a shop list for every kind of stuff even pet play! Have a nice day ^_^