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  1. I cant sleep! HELP

    Delta wave Sleep Therapy Ambiance is some of my top favorite. It is really good for dropping off the face of the earth after a hard day. :) Hope you enjoy. -Baby puppy hugs!
  2. This or That

    Stuffies, because they can listen if I had a long day and----wait......no.... STUFFIES WITH PACIS
  3. New here , but definitely not new to diapers!!

    Hi and welcome! I noticed there was this little article in the "Library" section of the site, and I would highly recommend you read it if you ever want to let her know, about your desire. The real trick though, is I heard "Never ever tell anyone your not willing to lose" but at the same time, I have gained some of the deepest trust this way, by being straight rather than letting them find out. Sure, hints can be exciting, (ESPECIALLY if they could possibly find out) but it can lead to some pretty deep arguments if done wrong, or if there is a misunderstanding. You say you put a lot of hints, do you mind if I ask on what those hints were? Are you wanting to possibly let her find out slowly, or are you really wanting to still keep it secret? It is important about being truthful to your wife, (And who know, maybe you can hint it in fantasy roleplay and do something she likes to possibly do as well) A good question for this stands "What is your biggest fantasy." I am not talking sexual fantasy, but fantasy in general, and who knows? She might have an interesting side to her as well that she is keeping from you as well. I feel communication is critical, important, and paramount in any relationship. Know that everyone has limits, and maybe you wont have to hide any more. Kinda know all that was off topic, but I hope that helps out a little bit. Baby puppy hugs!
  4. Unconventional paci

    I know @Zombiecakes420 :( I really want to have a daddy, but I know the time will come one day when the moment is right. I always liked the idea of having that different warmth inside of me and everything, maybe one day. Big hugs, and crossed paws that my time will come soon.
  5. Collar Ceremony?

    Thank you so much! <3 @ToriOreo! I really like these suggestions, and it makes me feel a lot better that I am not alone in the idea of having a collaring ceremony, and that such a thing will be acceptable. I really like your ideas of the vow list and things as well. :D Thank you so much for your awesome help, I will look into ALL of that, and I will post the results for sure. *Puppy snuggles!*
  6. Collar Ceremony?

    I am not sure if this sounds weird or not, but when I get my custom collar made, I am really wanting my transition into it to be a really big deal. Not like, family and friends seeing it or whatever, but I want to kind of make a night out of it, something like out of the way or a small celebration or something, I kind of am looking for ideas *blushes* its kind of a big deal for me. Does anyone have any ideas for me please?
  7. DDLG Quotes

    I think I will start things off. I was searching around for some cute DDLG quotes/pictures for when Little ones are having a bad day, and I came across this, and absolutely had to share these. Hopefully, they can help someone.
  8. littlespace lol

    Biting? I call it more of a love nip of affection.........(At least thats what I would call it so I dont get in trouble)
  9. What are your favourite kinks?

    *Deeply inhales* ....Maybe I gone to far..... *blushes tremendously* So this means, if I was to put all 17 of these fantasies together, into one fantasy all at once, I would have to have ...what have I done.
  10. Unconventional paci

    The funny part, is I had this in my mind once after seeing a picture like that once, of having one of those to sleep and get extra warm milk before bed....but that is super adorable that it can actually be done. I actually have some special toys that I tend to fall asleep more than once with them in me. (I can't relate to a daddy since I don't have one, *cries* ) I also have once fell asleep with my collar on, and toy still crammed in me though, and even though I tell myself to stay awake, it tends to be really relaxing, and I feel full and sleepy, and end up passing out. Not sure if this is the same thing, as its more like an exhaustion to such bliss, but as acting as an actual soother? I might have to try something like that...it sounds adventurous to be honest... 0////0
  11. Where are we from!

    "Where I come from....its cornbread and chicken....where I come from... a lot of front porch sitting..... where----" okay, all seriousness, I actually come from the land of palms and tourists. Florida, ^_^
  12. Embarrassing Sex Stories 😱

    Not going to get to much detail here, but lets just say that one day a few years ago, I decided to go to an old pool house, where nobody could here me and get a little louder than normal and until my legs were shaking.............then I quickly realized that my dad wanted to come and check on me at the pool, and yelled for me, and I very quickly ran out and jumped in the pool to try to act natural. By then, I was already caught. >_< I remember blushing so incredibly hard, and since then, I been keeping quiet when I have a little fun with toys....
  13. Little Games & Apps!

    **Sighs*** Club penguin was really good before it shut down, but there is something called "Club penguin reborn" and you don't have to pay for membership like the old club penguin, but sadly, despite its a perfect replica, it was overtaken by spammers, hackers, and meme-teams.... That aside, there also was another thing I used to always play called "Wetopia" which basically, playing the upbeat game, and helping kids in real life with donations and all that stuff. It was really cute and fun. I have an old stuffed animal from the "Shooting Stars" collection, where you get a real star named after you, and get to take care of your pets online, kind of like webkins. However, my top suggestion that is still going strong, is to get a leapster explorer, and get a few games like "Mr Pencil Saves Doodleburg" and "Spongebob Math Karate" they litterly have HUNDREDS of released apps made just for little ones, and its super fun, creative, and helps you drop into little space fast. Just my opinion :)
  14. **Sings a lullaby, soft and gentle, holding my stuffy closer as I fall forward**  Today was a good day. :780_sparkling_heart:

  15. Potty License Generator

    I cannot quite remember where I found this, however, I thought it was pretty cute to be honest. Its called the potty license generator, and you can choose weather you want restrictions such as "Diapers at night" or "adult help required" and things like that. I wanted to link it over here, and thought it would make for a pretty neat addition to a wallet or furry convention addition ... Here is the link :) https://kaitiger.tech/plg/