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  1. Where do you get your little clothes?

    You were helpful, don't worry :3💕🌌 I'll try to find something in some thrift shop While for knee high... Well, I'm 1.82 cm tall, so it's a little bit difficult for me to find something, even if I love it
  2. 👗🌌~ I need help to find some little clothes ~🌌👗 I'm a newbie, even if I'm into DD/lg since 2015 I'm 18, I study and I live with my family, which doesn't know about this I don't have a work because I'm still studying and I need some cheap little clothes/outfit I'm very tall and not so thin, so ,even if I find something, I always doubt it can fit me I also live in Italy, and some sites don't send products here I'd like to have an onesie or some cute clothes I hope someone can help me linking me some good sites Anyway, thank you for your attention 💝🌌💕