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  1. Hi Sweet Bunny - this is a hard one and depends on your partner/carer. I was introduced to Ddlg by my current partner, who I left my wife for - she's considerably younger. I'm the first man she's felt comfortable telling about her abuse. Our age play, and my role as a daddy is, in a significant way an attempt to reclaim her childhood which was stolen from her. We messaged and we're friends for a considerable time before we got together. Flirting, sounding each other out on ideas, histories and compatibility. She got to know me through acting - a play we were both in. My teenage son was also in the play, and she got to see me as a warm, paternal figure. Someone she needed in her life. I've spoken to my analyst, in as far as not wanting to take advantage of her, or retraumatise. I knew I wanted to live and care for this person for the rest of my life (we're getting married in September... 😀) I still have difficulty understanding the betrayal of trust of a parent who inflicts abuse on someone who relies on them, depends on them. So, counselling is good - but only you will know if you can trust your partner with this information. Sound him out, talk about abuse in a general way if you're not sure. My little has triggers which we deal with when they come up - hugs, caresses, kisses and telling her I will always be there, never leaving. A side effect of abuse, is of course abandonment and trust issues...