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  1. What are your favourite kinks?

    I am currently single, but when Im not, I actively pursue and try to uncover and build up to the extremes of what her fantasies are. The females pleasure is the focus and you can go a lot deeper in the directions that she wants to go. Trying things that your girl isnt into just leads to dead ends, so I make suggestions and follow her comfort levels. The biggest turn on in the world is a girl who is fully committed and completely into the moment. I am into everything outside of Me being the submissive one, and I fit most roles really well. I dated someone who tried to be dominant but I didnt like it at all. I hope answering without a list isnt cheating <3
  2. Unconventional paci

    I really like falling asleep inside after a really good session. Sometimes cuddling isnt close enough <3
  3. Unconventional paci

    How has your post gained no attention? You deserve a trophy for this. Sexual things dont put me to sleep though, I just get wound way up.
  4. Advice please....

    When I first stepped into the world, I did a ton of research for myself. Its maybe too much for you to teach him everything. As a caring Daddy, I see it as a starting responsibility to see what your little is doing, then react and treat her according to that, and ask a lot of questions. "Are you interested in this? Would you like me to do that?" Exchanging memes and pictures is a great way to go about assisting him. With a little patience on your end, you two will hopefully slide right into it. But he has to do some legwork for himself for sure. And if hes really interested, thats not too much to ask. Even if you have to send him the links <3
  5. Littles By Night

    In my opinion this is Perfect. A healthy balance is the epitome of a DDlg dynamic.
  6. New Little

    Alphibetsoops has good advice, but definitely keep in mind that taking on a Little is a LOT of work. An inexperienced Daddy, or a Daddy whos heart is not all in it, will need a break sometimes. You going from big to full on Little might be a lot for him to take in, and laying it on extra thick in that situation will have the opposite effect and turn him off to it completely. Maybe he just likes the kink and isnt into the real responsibility of being a Daddy. You will have to test the waters to see what he is interested in, what he is not interested in, how much he can take, and what things just weird him out. We are a growing, but will probably always be a very small community. From your brief description, it sounds like hes not so sure about being a daddy outside of the kink. Communication is Everything. Talk to him about it...
  7. New to all of this

    I think it would be really hard to know without a Daddy. Everyone is different, but I feel like a relationship is necessary to explore this dynamic.
  8. Trouble fully getting into littlespace

    I never really did little things WITH my little, like coloring. She would color and stuff while I played video games or something... But what I Would do is set up her stuffies in fun ways, put blankets on the floor, set up some pillows, get out her colors and coloring books, crafts, etc... and give her her own little area. Whatever she loved so that our room would be a littles dream. I did that while she was gone or in the shower, or whenever she just asked and I knew she wanted to be in little space. That would put her Right into it, lol Everyone is completely different and you cant blame him for not wanting to color like a little. But maybe if he could help set up the atmosphere or just feed into your little space in other ways besides participating in little activities. Hopefully having your Daddy around and just playing along and treating you little while youre in little space will be fun. Talking to you cutesy, giving you a bath, putting your clothes on for you... There are a lot of things he could do that dont include him doing little things. Some Daddys like doing that stuff but it sounds like yours doesnt. DDlg dynamics are as diverse and complicated as relationships are by themselves. Compromise and Understanding are super important things to give to Daddys just as much as littles <3
  9. Being away from a little

    I feel you Wade. Losing your little Suuuuuuuuucks. To me, its twice the pain of a regular breakup. Im near the end of getting over mine and it was a hard road. You gotta let it burn, just like Usher says. Finding a little is near impossible because there are so many fake Daddys and all the littles rightfully have their guards up high. Instead of specifically seeking out a little, maybe just try to find someone who has some of the qualities, like baby talk or someone who likes to be cutesy. You cant hold out for a little who wants to call you daddy, or needs a passy and stuffies. Those of us who love this lifestyle are scattered out too far and wide. But you will get what you have coming. The good ones are worth the loneliness required to find them.
  10. I met my ex-little on facebook by accident. We were friends for about a year before we really started messaging each other. Then we started talking on the phone and hit it off Big time. I decided I would fly across the country to see her for a week. Half way through the week, she asked if she could call me Daddy and I told her I would Love it if she did. Our week together wasnt enough, so I told her I would come back for her. Thats when we discovered DDlg. We didnt even know it was an actual thing! We naturally became that, and then found out there was an entire population of people who felt and desired the same things. Seven months later, I moved across the country to be with her. Our relationship was perfect. We were really heavy into DDlg. We tried a lot of different things and lived the lifestyle completely. We were together for two years. We tragically arent together anymore because she turned out to be pretty mean, and in the end, was only ever really nice when she was getting spoiled or was in little space. But I dont think it was her fault, she had a hard life growing up, and I regret absolutely nothing. I hope my next relationship has a similar dynamic, but I know how hard it is for a Daddy to find a little. I live out here on my own now, and life is still amazing.
  11. Need help with Pacifier

    You can get them online easy. I suggest adult size because you get more comfort from it. It can be a little overwhelming at first because it fills almost your entire mouth, but once you get used to it, they are the best in my opinion.