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  1. Potty License Generator

    I made mine with daddy and this is how it turned out
  2. What Kind of Little Are You?

    Prince/Princess You are absolute royalty (and maybe a little spoiled!). Your Caregiver makes a point to revolve their world around you. You're polite and graceful, but can be a bit demanding at times especially if things don't go your way. Your favorite past time activities include: dressing up and dancing. 14.29% Match Brat My, oh, my! Aren't you a handful? You're a bit of a troublemaker with a ton of energy. Your Caregiver, fortunately, enjoys a challenge and boy, do you give them a challenge. You'll stop at nothing! Except when your Caregiver gives you a nice, firm swat to the tooshy! Your favorite pass time activities include: playing games and jumping rope. 0% Match Angel Well, you're just the sweetest thing! You are the definition of a goody two-shoes. You live for making your Caregiver proud and hearing, "good job, little one." You might be a little shy and reserved at first, but when you warm up to the right people, you are a ray of sunshine! Your favorite pass time activities include: baking and collecting items. 42.86% Match Crybaby Everyone thinks being a crybaby means you're sad all the time, but that's not always the case! You cry when you're happy, sad, angry, excited, or when you see really cute stuffies. Your Caregiver is constantly soothing you back to baseline. You're very in touch with not only your emotions but everyone's. Your favorite pass time activities: Reading books and painting. 28.57% Match Pet Woof? Meow? Seems like being a little to you means getting down and dirty! You are playful and kind to all living creatures and critters. You're eager to please and love attention, but sometimes you need some alone time to recharge. Your Caregiver understands that having a little means having a little pet too! Your favorite pass time activities include: taking naps and enjoying the outdoors. 14.29% Match
  3. PTSD and little space

    I have bad PTSD so I understand what happens when you get triggered so what I do to relax is I draw what I'm feeling or I talk to myself to calm myself down or I have daddy give me a full body massage There is no shame in having your daddy helping you or being a little because you can find other friends that are little ☺
  4. Why do you use a pacifier? O.o

    Ya she's a full pit but she acts like she's a lap dog
  5. Why do you use a pacifier? O.o

    Yes my dog has she didn't chew on it though she just protected it basically
  6. BDSM Test

    == Results from bdsmtest.org == 100% Pet 100% Brat 100% Slave 100% Masochist 100% Primal (Prey) 100% Degradee 100% Rope bunny 100% Boy/Girl 97% Ageplayer 87% Experimentalist 68% Submissive 48% Exhibitionist 23% Vanilla 16% Voyeur 1% Non-monogamist 1% Switch
  7. Pet Quiz

    I got fox
  8. What's your cutie mark!

    I got butterflies
  9. Why do you use a pacifier? O.o

    When I first got my paci I fell immedietly in love with it and it helps me to keep my calm and keeps me from saying stupid shit to daddy or my friends Anyways I use a 18-20 month old paci because it fits perfectly and it doesn't break so easily
  10. I need new friends!

    Hi there I'd love to be your friend I've been apart of Ddlg for 5-6 years
  11. New little wanting friends! :)

    Hello Bubbles I'm also new to this website but not new to Ddlg if you want some help ith anything you can come to me I'd love to be your friend my name is Dark Princess
  12. Need a Name? (Let's make a list!)

    Anny Beanie Coonie Danna Exzella Fluffy Gunny Hona Izi Juicey Kinky Loony Momma Nona Oppi Poka Quaking Rara Sarra Tama Uma Violet Winter Xenex Yinna Ziler
  13. Let's talk about our stuffies!

    1. How many stuffies do you have? I have about 120 stuffies because Daddy loves to by me cute animals ^w^ 2. Which one is your favorite? My favorite would have to be my kitty 3. Give a brief description of them. Grey and light grey fuer with big pink eyes and a pink bow 4. What is their name? Oreo 5. What's the story behind the stuffy (Were they a gift, how long have you had them, etc.)? My daddy bought Oreo for me on Sweetestday when he took me out for icecream