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  1. The Uncontrollable lust

    Can't imagine an incompatible sex drive making things exciting. It would be frustrating for both in different ways. With everything in a relationship, it would all boil down to compromise and communication. Hopefully find a happy medium. Neither person deserves more effort or understanding from the other.
  2. What should I name my Stuffie?

    Colonel Caramel McCutie Oh that just popped straight out of my head, lol, but now i totally want a brown bear i can call this :p
  3. How to balance work and little space

    When i am at work, or at home with the kids, there is no question that i am fully adult. No ifs, no buts. That's just how it is, and i don't have any kind of inner battle.
  4. Littles in England? <3

    i live in Yorkshire :)
  5. He first approached me on fetlife. i have been on there on and off for a couple of years or so. That place is 90% morons, players and losers. You have to be VERY careful, but there are a few decent people too! He's the love of my life. When i first found that place, i never thought i would see the day that i said thank goodness for fetlife!
  6. Contraception!

    i was sterilised after my third child. No more babies for me! Ok, that doesn't protect against std's, but i was tested before meeting Daddy, just to make absolutely sure. To be absolutely honest, i have been very irresponsible over the years on this subject. And yes, i have been lucky.
  7. I love you Dadabear

    That in itself is not something to worry about. Some people just don't say those things as often as others. Doesn't necessarily mean anything. If there are no other worries or things that make you feel that he isn't very emotionally invested, i would just try to accept that you guys just do things your own individual way. Does he treat you right? Does he show he loves you in other ways? And those other ways don't have to be obvious. You can generally tell how someone feels abouts you through behaviour and attitude rather than words.
  8. Long distance

    i have tried a few times to do the whole LDR thing, but only ever temporarily. i need physical, face to face. Once had one with a guy i met physically twice, from about 250 miles away. To me that's long distance. For many reasons it didn't work out, one of them being the distance. Daddy is 35 miles away, and to be honest that's far enough!
  9. Daddy collared me today!!!! So honoured that He wanted to take this step in our relationship. We both take collaring very seriously. This is for life. Thank You Daddy!!! 


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    2. HisGlazedBunny


      Yay! Its truly a wonderful feeling. 

    3. mindyg



    4. SUeB


      Aw, hey, thank you guys so much! That's so nice of you all :) x

  10. aftercare

    Nothing planned or even discussed, as such. He holds me really close, strokes my hair, talks gently to me, and gives me as much time as i need.
  11. Four whole nights with Daddy! He turned up on my doorstep a day early to surprise me. He is so amazing! 

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    2. SUeB


      Thank you :) i appreciate that x

    3. mindyg


      Yay!!! Enjoy your time with him!

    4. SUeB


      Thank you so much :) x

  12. i am type one diabetic. Have been for over thirty years. It has given me some "moments", lol, but i do my best to manage it. i am fitter and healthier than most non diabetics i know.
  13. Feeling too old for this site!!!

    Well, i am not here looking for anyone, as i already have the Daddy of my dreams, but to comment on your title....i am 46 years old. So to me you are pretty much a youngster, lol.
  14. Cheating

    No, sorry. Even if he didn't have sex with her (which is highly doubtful i am afraid), he cheated on you the moment he arrived at her house and knocked on the door. i will not tell you what you must do, that is your difficult decision alone, but yes, he is (or was) cheating on you.
  15. Collars or Ownership stuff!

    Where did you get yours & What does it mean to you? Are you owned, in training, play collar only? (any recommended places for custom etc) just a simple chain from from the market. Stainless steel as it's pretty strong and doesn't tarnish. Just waiting for a lockable heart padlock from etsy to be delivered to Him. Discreet or not? why? yes it has to be discreet for a few reasons. No.1 i have children. No.2 i work and train in a gym, so it has to be pretty subtle and not be any kind of possible hindrance or danger. If you're not would you like to be? How would you like your partner to go about it? ( romantic, kink party, birthday gift?) Dream collar? Daddy has it all planned out. He has written a contract, things we will say to one another, what i will wear.....the whole thing. An actual ceremony! Do you have something else other than a collar? Paci, anklet, tattoo etc. What does it mean & why? nothing that i wear all the time. But i have a pretty silver anklet for evenings out, and a leather kitty collar and lead foer...erm....evenings in, hehe (or mornings, or afternoons etc etc etc) Whats your collar story ? (Did you go on a date or was it a kink party where everyone watched the collaring or was it just a gift etc.) it will happen at His home. Just the two of us, then go out for a posh meal after. Are there rules that come with your collaring? i already have my rules. They are not dependent on the upcoming collaring. How'd you as a partnership come to the conclusion of collaring? He brought it up first. Just simple, brief comments to start with, then it got more serious as He realised that this relationship was going the way we were both hoping it would. Do you abide with the different meanings of the different collars? (like how certain one stand for diff things/ also are you going through levels of them) i have no interest in different collars. In my world, there are only two kinds. A lifetime, everyday 24/7 collar, and the less serious "play" collar. Do you not agree with collaring? why? obviously i do, hehe.