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  1. How to balance work and little space

    I think I’ll have to do that!😊 thank you 💕
  2. How to balance work and little space

    I finally got a job after a few months of looking. I’m a little stressed about it and worried that I’ll no longer have much time to spend being little. I love my little space :( how do you guys manage work and little space?
  3. I really hope I find someone that’s understanding. It’s nice to hear other littles have daddy’s that understand. Gives me hope aha
  4. I have a few autoimmune diseases and I always worry that I’ll never find someone or they’ll leave, whether it be a ddlg or vanilla relationship. I’ve had an ex that didn’t understand my condition and how much it affected me, and my last daddy was really supportive. Does anyone else worry about this? :(
  5. Daddy left me, what now?

    It’s so horrible, we rely on them to care for us and they leave :( I decided to try and work on myself and make him realise what he’s lost, but it’s still hard. Sending hugsss :3
  6. Daddy left me, what now?

    My daddy left me too recently and I think he cheated on me. I’m still really hurt and feel similar to how you are :( he seemed the perfect daddy too.
  7. Being away from a little

    Have skype dates :3 watch a movie together at the same time while on skype! Communication is key in any ldr
  8. Let's Be Fwends :3

    I’m new too :3 hey
  9. How to deal with a break up

    My daddy left me the other day and I’m so upset still. I don’t know how to feel safe without him. I keep going to message him when I break one of the rules he made me. This is my first ddlg break up :( anyone have any ideas of how I can move on & feel safe and enjoy little space again?
  10. Littles in England? <3

    I’m near Brighton!!