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  1. How do I explain to my bf what type of Daddy I need

    I usually just share screenshots/pictures of stuff I like and posts on tumblr I think would be helpful. He's not really the type to go on social media, otherwise I'd have him join
  2. So I'm still exploring being a little but I have recently told my bf that I'm into the lifestyle. He's very supportive and is willing to learn with me. The problem is I have a hard time being a "teacher", so to speak, and explaining to him what I want. He isn't really one for googling anything other then cars and random things, so I don't expect him to do much research on his own. I'm also not very good with words and have no idea how to explain what I want. I see all this stuff online and I read about other people's dynamics but I honestly have no idea how to form in words what I want. I try and try but it never feels right. I'm totally lost on what to do at this point. Please help!
  3. Me and Leo are having a movie night! I even got my ears and tail out!



  4. Add Your Tumblrs!

    SFW age regression blog: https://submissive-central.tumblr.com/ NSFW: https://bad-wittle-kitten.tumblr.com/
  5. New Friends

    Hi! I'm new here too! I hope yous and mes both makes bunches of fwiends! =^.^=
  6. My first pacis are so cuuuute. They say "Daddy's Girl" and "Princess in Training"


    1. BlushyBabyBee


      Oh sooooo cute!!!!!!!!!! 

    2. PrincessFoxpen
    3. IzzyKit


      I gots mine today :D
      It was random designs, I didn't get to pick, but the "good night" one is cuuute.


  7. I got my first pacis today!

    1. IzzyKit


      Ooooh! Yay!
      I get mine tomorrow :3

      What colours? Pics!?

    2. PrincessFoxpen


      Please post pics when yous get them o3o

    3. IzzyKit


      I will :D

  8. What does little space feel like to you guys? Idk if it's supposed to feel "different" from big space or not. I haven't really been in this community long enough to know if there is a difference or not. Please reply with your experiences or feelings so I can know!