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  1. Cheap little clothes

    Okay thank you!!!!
  2. Cheap little clothes

    Thank you
  3. Cheap little clothes

    Hey every human reading this! Okay I'm new to this (but I've heard about this over the years) and I was wondering where I can find cheap little clothes in Australian stores (not online). I haven't told my Mum about this or that I'm bi (so far in the closet) so can someone please help me!!!!! THANK YOU!!!
  4. “Daddy Issues”

    My dad left me and my brother when I was in my early teens and my step father used to get violent with us. But me being a little doesn't link to that. Yeah I want a Daddy, but I don't want to compensate for my lack of a father figure. But everyone's different and have different reasons.
  5. New little sorting it out

    Holy smokes. You should just talk to both of them about what you like and don't like or every few months just have a sit down and go thru everything
  6. When & How Did You Realise You Were A Little?

    I've been reading online about it and I found a check list for a little and I went thru it and started checking off everything and thats when I knew..... I was thinking too hard about it and started slipping into my little space in front of two friends in class and they started asking questions, so I told them and they went 'okay, can we get some work done?' So yeah, that happened
  7. Characters that would make great Daddys/Mommys

    My list for Daddies 1. Steve Rogers (MCU) 2. Dean Winchester 3. Sam Winchester 4. Loki (MCU) 5. Thor (MCU)