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  1. Little boxes on etsy disappointment?

    Yes I had this happen to me recently! I waited an extra 2 weeks for it as they took forever to ship it just for me to be let down. It worked out in the end though, I kept the stuff but most was not worth the price or the wait :/
  2. Cheating

    Yea I kinda got him to admit to it... She’s his girlfriend and she knows about me... Idk, it’s so messed up :/
  3. Cheating

    Well he told me all he did was hang out there but for 2/12 days and they didn’t do anything? And to not answer my calls or texts... It was the first time he’d ever met her, apparently he’s been talking to a lot of women on cl and I rlly rlly don’t know what to do. Outside of the dynamic we are married and have 3 kids and he knows I would never ever share.
  4. Cheating

    Okies so I’m a little and my daddy and I are married. 2 Sunday’s in a row he has taken off without telling me and wouldn’t answer his phone for anyone. Uhm today I found out the past 2 1/2 days he was at some females house he met on Craigslist but swears he didn’t do anything.... if you were me would you believe him?