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  1. Kitsune

    lol I should be the one thanking you for the kind words. I can't draw at all, to say the least 😂
  2. Kitsune

    My god, it’s beautiful! 😍 Keep up the good work! You’re very good at what you do and spseem to really know what you’re doing! :3 (tbh, i'm a lil jealous because I can’t make art like that...)
  3. I cant sleep! HELP

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems that your emotional bond with the collar is effecting your will to sleep. If that is the case, get a new one for yourself. But if you want to stop using collars in general, you can try a paci or maybe a preferred stuffie. Sorry if this doesn’t help much...
  4. Uncommon Objects For Playtime?

    Thanks for the feedback, Zombie! :3 And nice idea with the icing! 👌
  5. Uncommon Objects For Playtime?

    Okies, so my daddy and I sometimes use ice as a "funishment" but also as an actual punishment. I was wondering if anyone else did this with their partners? This is just to mainly spread around ideas for everyone else and maybe find a few new things out! :3 What other objects or things do you and your partner use that is not a common thing used for playtime?
  6. Sad..feeling like emptiness

    Hey, probably a little late but... are you okies? It’s alright if you are. No one is happy all the time and that’s okies. There’s a reason we, as the human, have the ability to feel so many feelings. So don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s okies to cry and be sad. It’s what makes you human! :3
  7. Mommy and princess??

    No, not at all. There’s not just dd/lg. There are other types too! However, correct me if I’m wrong, but you're curious about a md/lg (mommy dom/ little girl) relationship? Right????
  8. Happy New Year, everyone!!!!! 


    1. Zombiecakes420


      Happy new year to you too....amy plans for thr night?

    2. BruceDaLittle


      Happy new year

  9. Embarrassing Sex Stories 😱

    Aw, that sounds terrible! I’m sorry if I’m not supposed to laugh... 😅😂
  10. This or That

    Stuffies! I have a lil captain America tsumtsum in my purse that I carry everywhere. ☺️
  11. Merry Christmas to everyone! And to everyone a goodnight! :3

  12. Does anyone else celebrate halloween on christmas?

    Hmmmmm... Try: - Sally/Doll (normal or broken) - Kitty ( Cheshire Cat or something) - Puppy! 🐶
  13. Does anyone else celebrate halloween on christmas?

    Three words: Nightmare. Before. Christmas. 💀👻🧟‍♀️❤️