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  1. Status Update Help

    It worked! Thank you! :3
  2. Status Update Help

    Okies. I think this should help! Thank you,everyone! :3
  3. Status Update Help

    Yeah, could someone please help me find my status update thing? I don't know where it is but I've searched nearly everywhere but still can't find it! A little help is needed 😅
  4. Long distance

    Hi! I saw this topic and started reading it because I am also in a long distance dd/lg relationship. I agree with all that's been said. But out of all of the comments, I agree with this the most. I've had this worry so I thank you for putting my mind to peace in a way. It's really helps! :3
  5. Is Playtime Everyday a Good Thing?

    Okies, thank you so much! Really helps a lot. :3
  6. Hi! Okies, so my Daddy and I have playtime at least once everyday and sometimes only once. It's long-distance relationship and I was wondering if this is something that might possibly make our connection just revolve around sex? OR if it's alright, it's something normal, and I'm just overthinking. XD
  7. Embarrassing Sex Stories 😱

    Jesus, okies. I am a virgin but hearing these stories don't even make me scared of sex, but give me realistic goals and I thank you all for that. These all had me laughing for at least an hour straight 😂😂😂
  8. Hello from the new site owner

    Wow, didn't know you were a new administrator, Saki! Congratulations! :3
  9. Thank you for liking my post! Maybe we can have a nice little chat soon? I don't really know anyone on here .  . .

    1. Princess girl 22

      Princess girl 22

      Hewo! Wes we can be fwends! 

    2. HannahBanana


      I really hope so too! :3

      If you ever need anyone to talk too I don't mind! You're welcome here along with anyone else who might want to have a nice talk. Thank you! :3