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  1. Little Rules/Schedule

    Thank you! I meant more like.. brush teeth, clean room, OH. CHORES. Yes that's what I mean. I read a ddlg little list of things to do every day a while ago it was so cute, like moisturize twice a day, sweep n vacuum glitter, brush teefies after meals, not candy past 7pm, etc
  2. Little Rules/Schedule

    Haaaaaaaaaii, I am a little and I don't really have any rules. I think they would be good for me, bed times, stuff to do in the morning, before bed, etc... Daddy won't make them so i thought i could make them for myself! And hopefully he'll enforce em sommore when I don't feel like it! What are some rules you have/give??
  3. Little friemds and activities

  4. Salt Dough for Homemade Ornaments!

  5. Playdates

  6. Playdates

  7. Playdates

    I LUB MY STITCH ONESIIIE I JUS GOT A KANGAROOOO! Nevewr stop wearing onesies deyre fowr evwyones!!!! Daddies no undwerstan somtimes 😩
  8. Playdates

    do u has a Cinderella dwess?? U should gets one!!!! Hehehhee
  9. Playdates

    Eeeeeeeee she's so nice and pwetty !!!
  10. Playdates

    Hewo guys! I am watching Cinderella wif my stuffies. I feel kinda sad, cause I wish I had more little friends to talk to! My stuffies are cool n all, but they are so bad at coloring... anyone live in Washington? I'm at the tippy top, almost Canada! My daddy actually lives in Vancouver bc hehehe.
  11. I feel like daddy doesn't want to be a daddy??

    Thank you for your advice, I'll try talking to him. He's just always busy and doesn't make time to come see me anymore. itsuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkks
  12. Let's Be Fwends :3

    me too lets be fwens pls
  13. I feel like daddy doesn't want to be a daddy??

    Oh Boy I don't want to get into details but basically I started seeing my daddy almost 3 years ago. We met on vacation, saw eachother a bunch, tried Long Distance, and I finally moved close to him about a year ago! Though we cant really live together- he is in BC Canada and I am at the tippy top of Washington- close enough right?? Anyways, we have been off and on since then, but we always had a dom-sub sexual relationship. On an unrelated note, I am a preschool teacher and nanny and take Early Childhood Education courses. I watch kids movies, I play, and even when I'm alone or with my boyfriend I always seemed like more of a child at times. I came across the DDLG community on instagram a few months ago. It was a little space post- and it was SO RELATABLE I DIDNT KNOW WHAT TO DO. I showed my boyfriend, whom I had called Daddy a couple times out of experimentation BEFORE I knew anything about ddlg. He was shocked that it was so accurate to my lifestyle. Andhe was actually the first one to initiate getting me into "little space". And it was amazing. It felt so normal and good. Like a wave of relief, a switch in my brain.. and I was able to get deeper into my little space.. but recently, it's been HARD. I try to with daddy, but he almost seems resentful of the idea. He either ignores me when I start falling into it, or he changes the subject, or seems irritated. Our sex life also plummeted around the same time... he doesnt spank me, i have NO RULES, he doesnt want to make me do the finish and he also rarely even wants to do the thing at all!! I just feel like theres something i did wrong.... but he was the one to initiate being more ddlg in the first place! i dont think he has a problem with the kink at all it has to be me... it feels like he just doesnt want to be my daddy anymore... So then, i feel really discouraged about entering my little space now. Ive been coloring alot, and doing arts and crafts. need more little activities to do by myself. What should I do to get back to my little space? And also...WHY IS DADDY DOING THIS I AM WORRIED ANDHE WONT TALK ABOUT IT HE JUST SAYS HES NOT IN THE MOOD OR TIRED BUT?!?!?!
  14. What do you have to have in your nursery/play space?

    Theres a cute bookrack on amazon! doesnt take up much room! $20 You can get a stuffie net above ur bed, they are like $5 at walmart and act as a hammock for your lil friends! I have a puppy so i have to keep everything out of her reach. As for books, the berenstain bears are always good! disney story books if youre into that. The Runaway Bunny is cute. Little Red Riding Hood. Stellaluna... Creating an art area is much easier and more affordable than you might think! I use mason jars for my markers and pencils, I have a DOLLAR STORE STORAGE CUBE for allmy beads, and some smoller jars or trays for glue, scissors, glitter, etc- just on my normal shelf. then my stickerbooks/coloring books are on the book rack! Toys toys toys, I am in the same boat my friend. need MORE. have you ever heard of littlest pet shop? i use to have when i was biologically younger. Barbie dream house is SICK. suer annoying tho. you can talk to it now adays. Dress up clothes. feetie pajamas. THOSE GLOW IN THE DARK WALL STARS sorry im just naming stuff i remember i WANT. goodwill has awesome toys and games if you on a budget or want some classic toy gold
  15. Let's be friends

    me too! hi!! whats your little age? what do you like to do!!