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  1. Can @Griever just be here already bc I want all the cuddles and love.


    Whyy is it not my birthday yet? :1235_squiggle_sad:

  2. I want to have sex so bad...

  3. I'm heckin' confused?

    I think both of these suggestions are great! Thank you friendsss. 😙 Think I might be in little space the rest of the week, but who knows? Guess we'll have to see! In the meantime, I think Momy's finished all his coursework for the week soooo ^__^ yay for that.
  4. I'm heckin' confused?

    Soo sometimes I go into Little space and I just get so confused because it's like...what do I do??? I just feel v small and in need of cuddles & forehead kisses when I'm in this mental state, but other than that, I don't know what I want/need. I'm not one for baby talk, sippy cups, coloring books, etc. I just wanna be held & told I'm safe and that Mommy's (my bf) here. Problem issss he isn't able to message me much today, since he's in college until late today and has a lot of assignments to complete by Friday. Iun wanna bug him with all this when he has ish to dooo, y'know? (Plus, I'm trying to be a responsible gf and not turn him on in the middle of his classes...😂) So. What do you do when you're in little space and your partner isn't around to comfort you? Bc I am #confused and feeling kinda lost right now.
  5. App

    Ooh, that would be awesome! Let us know how it goes and if any of them seem compatible 😃
  6. Embarrassing Sex Stories 😱

    My boyfriend and I were having playtime in my room at college and afterwards, I went to pull him down for a kiss but ended up whacking him in the dick/balls with my knee Oh my Gawd, I felt so bad! We still laugh about it two years later, but damn, y'know? After playtime's over, I'm not /trying/ to hurt my princess! 😂😣
  7. Highkey in a fcking /mood/ today thinking about my babe. Damn.


    Long distance is good for birth control and not much else 😂 like forreal

  8. I just wanna be with my princess already. Ugh. /facepillows


    February cannot come fast enough.

  9. I feel like daddy doesn't want to be a daddy??

    I think it's best to talk to him when you're in Big mode and just ask if you can discuss it calmly. Remember to use "I" statements, like "I feel like..." rather than "you always." Don't center the conversation on blame or fault, either, but just try to come to an agreement on what works for both of you. What you want and what he's willing to provide may differ, but having a serious discussion about it can (hopefully!) help bridge the gap.
  10. daddy left me...

    That's a really unkind thing to do, and I'm sorry you had ti go through that sort of treatment from someone you thought you could trust. If you need a shoulder to lean on, I think it's safe to say we're all here. <3
  11. Long distance

    I totally agree with everything said already. And as someone in a long distance relationship, I think it's super important (and fun!!) to talk regularly about your next visit. Set aside some time to discuss it, plan outthe specific date(s) you can see each other, and then once all the logistics are sorted out (when, where, how, etc.), HAVE FUN HYPING EACH OTHER UP. Keep in mind that the visit doesn't have to be purely sexual either. There's tons to do together outside of sex, and bonding beyond the bedroom only strengthens your connection to each other 😄
  12. Where are we from!

    Marylandd! though I'd much rather be back in Ireland with the bf
  13. Whats been up with me....

    As someone who's been in a long distance relationship for the past three years with a tonnn of BDSM and roleplay involved, I'd definitely suggest talking to your current Daddy about what you want & need from the partnership. The great thing about roleplay within any sort of relationship/partnership is that the roles can shift and change as time goes on. Maybe sometimes you need rules and sometimes you don't - and that's okay. But remember, this particular partner can't give you what you're looking for if you don't first voice these things as a concern. So I'd just suggest to have a serious conversation with them about the state of your partnership, how you feel as a Little, and what you want/need from them - as well as their thoughts, feelings and wants/needs on the matter. I'm a switch, as is my current boyfriend. We've only recently delved into the Daddy/little dynamic, where I'm usually the "Daddy" and he's the one being pampered, loved on, and taken care of before we get into foreplay. Being in an LDR meant that we needed certain rules from the get-go, even outside of sex, on what was and wasn't okay for both of us. As we grew more comfortable sexually and began to explore each other's fantasies, wants, desires, etc., we also developed a set of rules and boundaries on what we would and wouldn't be okay with sex-wise. So maybe it's time you and your current Daddy had a similar conversation - what is it that both of you want and need from each other, and what are a number of boundaries you both need to set within and outside your sexy times? Hell, I think you could even just come right out with it and admit that being with your previous partner and being on a schedule and such was good for you and allowed you to truly feel as Little as you wanted. Could even explain how certain rules helped or hindered some of your Aspie's tendencies/symptoms (I'm not sure of the right terminology here, I mean no disrepect!) and that it might be good for you to have that sort of added consistency again. Remember: open and honest communication between both of you is the key. And if time tells you that even with open lines of communication, this Daddy isn't the one for you right now, then you're more than welcome to find another one who's more suited to what you both want and need. Goodluck, friend!