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daddy's good girl

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  1. daddy's been so busy at work and stressed over bills. I managed to score free ice cream and mac and cheese which is normally what I eat :) but it cheered daddy right up!! I felt so happy!!

  2. Daddy and i are switches and we say your mama alot in jokes. Yesterday i said it and he was in little space and said your only talking about yourself mommy. So cute!!!!!

  3. Was in 20 degree weather :( but now i get my special owl onsie and cuddles :)

  4. Little boxes on etsy disappointment?

    Your binkie is so cute btw :)
  5. Little boxes on etsy disappointment?

    Ill try that :)
  6. I finished my first plushie hat so excited :) and daddy gave me lots of cuddles :)

  7. Little boxes on etsy disappointment?

    Thanks guys :) I wasn't able to get a refund but i definetly will be more careful about buying and you guys had great advice:)
  8. Little boxes on etsy disappointment?

    So on our last check daddy bought me a box from etsy that was designed for littles. but it totally wasn't. It was 25 dollars and everything except the box and maybe two things inside was bought at the dollar store :( and half the things on the list weren't even in the box. It totally made me sad cuz i had been looking forward to it so much but it was a huge let down :( has this happened to anyone else??
  9. If anyone eats at the cracker barrel they have GIANT stuffies!!! in the store before the restaurant!!! I didn't get to see how much they were because daddy and I weren't alone :( but I thought i'd share it for you guys cuz christmas is coming :)

  10. so excited for my craft show on monday :) i've been making so many cute things 


    the dollar store is great for coloring books and things like that but walmart michaels and target usually have some in the dollar section. if you look in certain sections of walmart they have stuffies for cheap. my navy bear was only 9.99 :) i don't know your size but if you can shop in the kids section that kind of stuff is little or they have plus size sites (i can't think of any off the top of my head sorry :( but i know someone posted a list on here i think ) where you can take the stuff and make it little but the best thing I saw!!! walmart and target have onsie jammies!!!! they fit adults!!! oh and wish has adult onsies and jammies too but i haven't ordered from them so i can't say anything about how they are but in my experience i have to order two sizes up they run super small. places like hot topic and the mall have little items too you just have to look hard sometimes
  12. finally got to be little with daddy again!!! I was so happy and he found a great youtube channel with a little and her daddy and they were so cute!!! I got the giggles for a half hour :)

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    2. daddy's good girl

      daddy's good girl

      she's called PlayPenPrincess her and her daddy are so cute!!!

    3. daddy's good girl

      daddy's good girl

      I like little moo moo too she's funny :)

    4. mindyg


      I'll have to check them out!

  13. Feeling so emotional. I've had two anxiety attacks this week I haven't been able to be little and I just feel so sad. I wanna curl up with daddy and my stuffies but I can't :(

    1. Cas-the-kitten


      I completely understand what you mean, I've been in the same boat these past few days as well. :/

      Hope you feel better soon!! :776_two_hearts:

    2. daddy's good girl

      daddy's good girl

      thank you Cas :) I'm sorry I never got to respond I've been taking care of my daddy's mom for like a month and couldn't get on here at all :(


  14. military daddys??

    Mine was in almost ten years he just got out but if you need advice or someone to talk to I can help :)
  15. Little Hauls!

    I got one of these!!! I saw it at Michael's and almost went into little space when I saw it so I had to get it!!! :)