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daddy's good girl

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  1. so excited for my craft show on monday :) i've been making so many cute things 

    1. tinyjohnson


      I hope it goes well for ya

    2. daddy's good girl

    the dollar store is great for coloring books and things like that but walmart michaels and target usually have some in the dollar section. if you look in certain sections of walmart they have stuffies for cheap. my navy bear was only 9.99 :) i don't know your size but if you can shop in the kids section that kind of stuff is little or they have plus size sites (i can't think of any off the top of my head sorry :( but i know someone posted a list on here i think ) where you can take the stuff and make it little but the best thing I saw!!! walmart and target have onsie jammies!!!! they fit adults!!! oh and wish has adult onsies and jammies too but i haven't ordered from them so i can't say anything about how they are but in my experience i have to order two sizes up they run super small. places like hot topic and the mall have little items too you just have to look hard sometimes
  3. finally got to be little with daddy again!!! I was so happy and he found a great youtube channel with a little and her daddy and they were so cute!!! I got the giggles for a half hour :)

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    2. daddy's good girl

      daddy's good girl

      she's called PlayPenPrincess her and her daddy are so cute!!!

    3. daddy's good girl

      daddy's good girl

      I like little moo moo too she's funny :)

    4. mindyg


      I'll have to check them out!

  4. Feeling so emotional. I've had two anxiety attacks this week I haven't been able to be little and I just feel so sad. I wanna curl up with daddy and my stuffies but I can't :(

    1. Cas-the-kitten


      I completely understand what you mean, I've been in the same boat these past few days as well. :/

      Hope you feel better soon!! :776_two_hearts:

    2. daddy's good girl

      daddy's good girl

      thank you Cas :) I'm sorry I never got to respond I've been taking care of my daddy's mom for like a month and couldn't get on here at all :(


  5. military daddys??

    Mine was in almost ten years he just got out but if you need advice or someone to talk to I can help :)
  6. Little Hauls!

    I got one of these!!! I saw it at Michael's and almost went into little space when I saw it so I had to get it!!! :)
  7. my new paci arrived!! i'm so happy!!!

  8. Tattoos and piercings?

    I have two tattoos :) one in the center of my back from my husband's second deployment and one that goes from my ankle to just below my knee from his second deployment we want to get tattoos together but we never seem to get around to it but I definitely love tattoos and wouldn't mind another
  9. That awkward moment when your in walmart and you get excited about unicorn pajamas and start exclaiming and getting excited and adults are staring at you like your nuts. 

    I blushed so hard and mumbled sorry before I notice them look away and I turn to see daddy staring at them. 

    daddy's always got my back <3


  10. still sick but thanks to daddy I'm getting better :) I got to be little all day and watch disney with daddy! :)

  11. so sick :( but daddy's home now and he gave me paws so i know eventually I'll feel better :)

  12. Embarrassing Sex Stories 😱

    one time we were having fun in the shower and i sat down thinking that i was looking all sexy but i didn't realize i sat on a razor. he had to carry me to my bed clean me up and left me alone for like thirty minutes to go to the store and get supplies and to top it off i was to embarrassed to go to the hospital so it took twice as long to heal. But when i told my sister she peed her pants laughing :)
  13. A lot of ddlg hate. Feeling very sad and upset :'(

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    2. daddy's good girl

      daddy's good girl

      thanks i was trying to be understanding but the only thing they kept saying was ddlg sexualizes children and were all pedos and perverts. just stupid ignorance :( 

    3. ToriOreo


      From my experience, they don't want to hear our side. They've already made up their mind and don't realize that there are CONSENTING ADULTS partaking in a kink. I bet some of those peeps would wear kitty ears in bed with their partner to be cute, or put whip cream on their partner. Are they sexualizing animals?! Food?! No. -_-

    4. daddy's good girl

      daddy's good girl

      right! my friend said the same thing (she's a furry) she says all the time just because i dress up like an animal doesn't mean i want to do one. i can see her side to it because i guess she gets alot of hate too.

  14. CG/l V. Deployments

    My husband was in the military for 8 years. We didn't get into ddlg while he was in the military but something that helped with the time apart is i would send him care packages and letters and when he couldn't talk to me (once he couldn't for almost three months like no contact at all) i would hang out with my family or friends or take up a hobby like crocheting or arts and crafts to keep my mind off of what was happening in my life. Or i would spend time with his family if i could or if i was working id just try to focus on that. it does get really hard when there gone so much my best advice was just to try and stay busy and when they can call or email or skype keep it in your heart and remember the conversations on the days it really gets rough. I hope your CG stays safe and thank you for their service :)
  15. Chores

    Daddy and I use our home its an app that you can put chores in and set points in it and then get rewards and use the points for what rewards you want :) I have chores everyday like tidy up the bedroom and bathroom wash clothes things like that but the points make it fun! So I don't mind doing chores at all