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  1. finishing getting enrolled tomorrow! then its back to school ihh

  2. Why do i find myself belly dancing to spanish music xD im such a dork

  3. My Little Ways

    *nods* well if youd ever like to talk im always on discord aka our chat :D and same here, i feel so safe in little space, its very comforting
  4. My Little Ways

    yeah ive been there. Ive been working on my disorders since i was 12, going through hospitalization after hospitalization, and im 18 turning 19 soon still working on my issues. learning to work with them and live with them is a very taxing and vexing task. i often find little space comforting too, and if you ever need any help with anything im here! I might be young but ive gone through alot and ive learned alot from very wise people that i love passing onto others. basically im saying if you need any advice, comfort, or anything im here. you can rely on me :D
  5. Nuggies for lunch!! Nuggies for Dinner!! NUGGIES ALL TE TIME!!!!!

  6. Noodling around is so much fun xD

  7. oof... i cuts my nose on a can when i was drinking te pineapple juice out of it!! owwwiiiee

  8. CG/L questionare for littles bigs and switches. :3

    For littles: 1. What’s your favourite thing about caregivers? My favorite thing about caregivers is that they actually care!! i love when i feel cared for because it makes me feel important, and that im worth something :D 2. Do you go into little space? If so, how are you different in it? Im normally always in little space but i do have an adult space too. When im in little space im more child like as my little age is about 3 or so. I love my paci and sippy and blankie and my stuffie bunny momo. 3. Do you have a little age, or is it fluid? Oof, accidentally answered this one in the question above but my little age is 3. 4. What’s your “little style”? So how do you dress in little space, what do you do with your hair, is there any particular outfit you like best, etc… Ive always been a pastel goth kinda girl, but i also like sports wear as long as its black or a pastel color. My favorite outfit is probably my favorite dress with my white knee socks, but a pair of shorts a black flowy shirt and my white knee socks are in 2nd place :) 5. Do any of your friends know about CGL or that you’re a little? Only my brother, who does pet play with his boyfriend, and my friend since 8th grade know about my little space. They were very accepting of me and i thank them bunches for it! 6. What’s your favourite thing to do for your caregiver? If you don’t have a cg, what do you think your favourite thing to do for them would be? I love giving cuddles and drawing/coloring for my Cg. I cant wait to have one but when i do ill be an awesome little girl who gives her Cg lots and lots of attention!! 7. Are you a bratty little, or do you enjoy following your cg's rules? im 30% brat 20% baby girl and 50% sweetheart! I have bratty moments but its often when im in need of three things, nommys, attention, or sleep. 8. Do you like getting punishments? What are your favourites? I do like getting punished, my favorite is spankies of course but ive done multiple others before too. :) 9. What are your top 3 pet names to call someone and be called yourself? For me i like baby girl, princess, kitten, or noodle. For someone im in a relationship with would be Daddy, Sir, and Mister. For someone im friends with its usually Hun, Love/Lovely, or fam aka family. 10. What kind of animal do you think best resembles your little headspace? Why? The best animal that resembles my headspace is probably a palmtop tiger. Im really smol and adorable in headspace but i can be really ferocious... RRRWWWAARRR.... *giggle giggle*
  9. Noodle Drawings!!!

    just some colors that i wanted to share! :D
  10. Odd Pets?

    im a noodle oddly enough.. i say that im a noodle because im not very strong, actually im rather weak xD. but i have a noodle personality too :D
  11. Discord Emoji

    hihi i have some emojis that id like to add to the chat if thats okay :D just some kitty bug emojis and more!
  12. oodles of noodles :)

    Just wanna offer some oodles of noodles for anyone out there going through anything or even having a good time :D sincerely lomppotatonoodlebri
  13. My Little Ways

    Growing up i was always very mature. I never really relied on anyone else. I was independent and selfless. As i aged i slowly but surely started acting more like a child the older i got. i did the dumb things children would do, not teenagers. That started a really big bullying issue for me, and my parents always told me to either quit being dramatic or to grow up. Things did happen to me, things that haunt me to this day, such as abuse and neglect, that had caused me to be more mature growing up. Once i turned 17 i had found out about ddlg through a friend but didnt really get deeply into it until i became of age. Im now 18, and i turn 19 in march. Today i love doing things like coloring not only to satisfy my little space but to also help my depression and mainly anxiety. coloring is very calming to me, as is photography. Anyways, in all honesty, ive kissed but never been kissed, ive loved consistently but never been loved consistently, ive been a friend but never really had many friends. this post is what im hoping to help me out with that. i would love to get alot of little friends. im always on the ddlg discord chat. Please be my friend :D
  14. BDSM Test

    == Results from bdsmtest.org == 100% Brat 100% Boy/Girl 99% Experimentalist 91% Ageplayer 76% Submissive 71% Slave 59% Switch 47% Vanilla 46% Voyeur 44% Pet 37% Exhibitionist 26% Primal (Prey) 26% Degradee 19% Non-monogamist 10% Rope bunny 4% Masochist