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  1. My daddy is always busy what should i do?

    Thanks, that's a good idea :3
  2. My daddy is always busy what should i do?

    Thank you, I'll try to do it ❤❤
  3. My daddy is always busy what should i do?

    My dada is always busy, he doesn't have much free time to give me attention and it hurts me so badly cause all I want is his attention :( Can you give me some advice or ideas or what to do while he's busy, cause I need some distraction!
  4. My daddy

    i think you should be honest with your daddy and tell him you don't want another girl for playtime! He'll understand, he is your daddy!
  5. I'm watching Doc McStuffins and having a good time ❤

  6. Hi kitten it's daddy telling you how much you mean to me and your just the best little ever I love you so much my little adorable kitten <3

    1. daddyslittle-kitten


      Love you daddy, you're the best daddy in the world <3

    2. Chris4786


      And don't ever forget it kitten *kisses your forehead and pets your head gently*

    3. daddyslittle-kitten


      I promise I wont never forget it, daddy *meow*


  7. Anybody else is feeling down? I feel so bad I can't even get out of bed to wash my hair :c

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. BruceDaLittle


      I hads a bad dream  bout bein kidnapped an hurt so i feel down too *hugs to everyone*

    3. Isosanity


      *hugs* I have dreams about being attacked and such too sometimes. Hope you feel better too!  <3 

    4. daddyslittle-kitten


      *hugs* hope we feel better <3

  8. Just playing Candy Crush hehehe 🍬 🍭

    1. Chris4786


      Your so adorable :3

    2. daddyslittle-kitten


      Oh, stop it, you're making me blush hihihi :11_blush: