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  1. How to deal with a daddy that works :c

    Daddy goes to work from 6am-2pm. So I get up, and do my own morning routine (get up, get breakfast, take a bath, watch cartoons, do my homework, etc.) until Daddy gets home. I am supposed to check in with him (texting, Facebook, etc.) at LEAST every hour or so. He sends me cute little messages and such, and eventually, he gets home. :3
  2. Daddy and me are both sick. I went to the doctor yesterday, and he said I has bronchitis. So I'm quarantined in my house, taking lots of medicine.

    1. frosty223


      Hope you feel better soon, daddy too

    2. daddy's good girl

      daddy's good girl

      hope you guys feel better soon!!

  3. Me and Daddy are sick. ;A; Daddy came home early from work, so yay extra Daddy time. But I'm sick too, thanks to Daddy. THANKS DADDY.

  4. What is your favorite play age and why?

    I like to play around 3-6. When Daddy's at work, I have to play older, because I am alone, and have to be independent. But when Daddy's home, I like to play around 4 or 5, because I like being led, and I like being told what to do. I need help coloring, and homework, and chores. I need someone to keep me out of trouble, and someone who will kiss my booboos and put me down for naps.
  5. I'm finally back!!! Felt really out of LS for the longest time, but I am finally back. Did my homework, and now I has chores. Then when Daddy gets home, we get to play!

  6. I know it isn't something ladylike to talk about, but I hate wanting to be in Little Space and being on my period. >_< Little girls don't get periods! D:<

    1. BlushyBabyBee


      Some girls start super early so it’s not really that far off hehe lol 

      Its a good excuse to play the doctor roleplay too 😂💜

  7. I feel like daddy doesn't want to be a daddy??

    I would definitely talk to him about it. It's a difficult scenario, but I've been in the same one. My husband was completely vanilla when we started doing this together and he became my Daddy. He was super hesitant and unsure about it, because he had never tried it. At first, he didn't want to help me in LS at all. So I had to do a lot of the Little Space stuff by myself. I colored, did crafts, watched cartoons, and did a bunch of other things (played with my toys, had tea parties, played dress up, took bubble baths, played games on the computer). But it's not as much fun for me as when my Daddy wants to play with me and take care of me. So I talked to him, and he's really taken the role more seriously. We have a bedtime routine, and I do chores and have homework. So yeah, talk to him. He'll understand.
  8. I forgot to do my homework, and Daddy's coming home in like 20 minutes. CRAP.

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    2. HisGlazedBunny


      Hope it went ok! Im catching up on mine now so when I do see my Daddy He wont get mad at me for falling behind /-\

    3. LittleRae


      I got it done just in time! I had like 2 minutes to spare. xD

    4. BruceDaLittle
  9. So Daddy and me carved our Jack O' Lanterns last night! :D We did Mickey and Minnie carvings! <3 It was so much fun! And super gooey and messy.
  10. Daddy's taking me to the pumpkin patch tomorrow when he gets off of work! :D I'm so excited! They has a carousel, a train, and everything!

    1. BlushyBabyBee



    2. BruceDaLittle


      Yay has fun ☺

  11. I was a little bit of a brat last night, but the rest of the night, I was really good. :3


    So Daddy said we can go get coffee (smoothie for little girls), and go to a bookstore to get a new bedtime book! :D And then we get to go to an antique store. :3 But we don't get to go until 2:00. IT'S TAKING FOREEEEEEEEEEEEEVVVVVVVER.


    I'm also starting a YouTube channel soon! :D It'll be basic DDLG stuff (me in LittleSpace, cheap-o shopping for Littles, maybe soon collabs with other Littles). I'm  so excited! :D

    1. BruceDaLittle


      That sounds awesome hehe

  12. So I am looking into making a mini-nursery for my Little Space antics and a space to play. But I literally have NO IDEA where to start. I found this super cute foam puzzle floor that has flowers on it, and it's purple and pink. So I plan on having that. I want to be able to have a small collection of little books that Daddy can read to me. Normally, I just go to the library and check out as many books as I need to, but I don't like to return books. xD What books do you like to read? I need more little toys!!! I have some Barbies, stuffies, but I used to LOVE polly pocket toys. I had this huge collection, before it was given to my niece. >_< So I am slowly building my collection of toys. I was looking into Shopkins, or something similar. What do you recommend? Lots of coloring books! Daddy bought me 3 new coloring books the day before yesterday (a Shopkins book, a MLP book, and a Mickey Mouse book), and I have another like 4 books. So when I am in Little Space, I do a bunch of coloring. :3 So what do you need to have the perfect little nursery? :D
  13. What's your favorite tool to color with?

    If its something that I have drawn and put a lot of time in, I like to use colored pencils. When I'm in LS, it's always crayons, because I only color in coloring books.
  14. Daddy decided that I get to pick our next cosplay costumes! We're going to an anime convention in January. :3 So I picked Dark Elementalist Lux and Teemo from League of Legends. :D



  15. Daddy bought me coloring books, Disney Princess shampoo, and Shopkins bubble bath today! :D I is in bath nao