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  1. Daddy and me gets to go bowling tonight. :3 And get dinner. But his family's taking FOREEEEEEEVVEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HUNGY!!!!!!!!!

  2. I think the abuse I faced was one of the things that helped me turn to DDLG. I needed to live in a childhood that made me feel safe. The harder part for me was talking to Daddy (and my husband) about the sexual abuse that I went through. It made things really hard at first, because I sometimes have full-blown panic attacks at random things that I get triggered by. We sat down and I told him everything that happened, and he has helped me through the panic attacks, and we have started couples therapy together. If you get into a serious and committed relationship, I think that they should know. Whatever means you need to use to tell them (face-to-face, texting, writing a super long letter, whatever it takes), as long as you still feel comfortable. But I wouldn't tell someone until you completely trust them.
  3. I'm home alone, while Daddy's at work, and I'm scared. ;A; I don't like being by myself...

    1. BruceDaLittle


      *hugs* i da same

    2. LittleRae


      Daddy gets home in wike, 10 minutes. Then we get to go get funnel cake!!! <3

    3. BruceDaLittle


      Yaaaaaaaaay an happy new year☺


    1. LittleBigBrat


      Will you show pictures of it?


    2. mindyg


      That sounds like so much fun!

  5. Christmas Gift Exchange?

    That's totally fine hun! I can't send my stuff out until tomorrow (payday. XD). I think it's as long as you send something period. xD
  6. Baking Christmas Cookies with Daddy! :D

    I use my Canon Rebel T3 for all of my photosets with Daddy. :3
  7. Daddy let me download Doki Doki Literature Club! I'm so excited to play it!!! <3

    1. HannahBanana


      Omg, yay!

      But warning to you (and possibly your daddy) DONT PLAY ALONE!!!

      Im sure if you play the game enough you’ll understand.

  8. Christmas Photoshoot with Daddy

    Aah thank you so much!!! ;3; My Tumblr is Cutelittlerae
  9. Christmas Gift Exchange?

    So excited to have everyone to do something fun like this! <3
  10. So Daddy and me made Christmas cookies the other night! :D It was so much fun! So we took some really nice pictures! <3
  11. Christmas Gift Exchange?

    There's two more days to sign up for the Christmas Gift Exchange! <3
  12. DDLG Coloring Photoset

    Daddy and me were coloring, and I took some pictures for my Tumblr! So I thought I would share them here! <3 I hope you like them!
  13. Christmas Gift Exchange?

    Awesome! This is gonna be so so SOOOO FUN!!!
  14. So I did a photoshoot for my Tumblr with my Daddy. It's a Christmas themed shoot. I'm leaving a couple of teasers here, but the full set is going on my Tumblr page if you want to check it out. <3 tumblr.com/cutelittlerae
  15. Just recorded 2 DDLG videos, and we're doing a photo set tonight! Check my Tumblr and YouTube and Snapchat for updates!