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  1. I get to see Daddy tonight! Crossing fingers my flights are all on time (and so am I, lol)

  2. Lullabies?

    Yes, that's exactly the one! I hope you enjoy it!
  3. Lullabies?

    I listen to them every night as I'm going to sleep and, along with the rest of my bedtime routine, have trouble sleeping if I haven't turned them on. I found an album on Amazon Music: Lullabies for Kids - Relaxing Lullabies and Peaceful Piano for Babies, Soothing Music for Restful Sleep (that's a mouthful) that works pretty well. All instrumental so it doesn't distract me listening to lyrics and stuff.
  4. I leave in a week to fly across country for a trade show AND get to spend a few days with Daddy!!! ***Muppet flail!!!***

  5. Bullet journal.

    Happy to share @Dollycupcake Here it is after one full week!
  6. Bedtime soothers

    Once I've done my before bed stuff (brush teeth, take meds, that sort of thing) I get my security monkey, turn on my lullaby album, and tell Daddy I'm ready to be tucked in (by text). I've found out (the hard way) that it takes 2 hours to fall asleep if I don't get my tuck-in text, and it has to be in real time... If he goes to bed before me and sends the message early it's just not to same.
  7. little penpals

    Hi there! We actually have a thread about this where we can post a tiny profile and find others who may want to exchange mail 😊 https://ddlgworld.com/index.php?/topic/183-little-pen-pals/
  8. Bullet journal.

    I've done bullet journaling in the past but prefer a more structured planner for keeping work and stuff organized. I really liked using the habit tracker but I got off track with it early last year. I mentioned it to Daddy, and how it worked similar to a chore chart some littles use, and now I'm sending him a picture of my tracker each night so he can see how I'm doing. I get a little sticker when I complete all the tasks in a day, a medium sized sticker for a complete week, and a large sticker for a completed month--it's a nice blend of my grown up and little sides.
  9. I got to play in th snow this morning!!! It was my first ever actual snow and I loved it.

  10. Finding a caregiver?

    Hello and welcome! As for finding a cg, I know there are places on Reddit, FetLife, and Tumblr for that purpose, though I can't speak to how effective they are, not having used them myself.
  11. A very merry happy to all the CGs and littles (and ABs and pets and and and anyone else not covered by the above) here!

  12. Hurting little

    I'm sorry you had such a rough time of it. Yes, being little comes with a lot more vulnerability, and it can be tough to navigate. I hope it gets easier for you.
  13. I agree, Mister Boo Boo does seem a bit more natural (though it makes me want to give him a bandaid, giggles). How many monkey stuffies? I kept losing count in the 60s last time I tried to count them. And more keep following me home, like just today I found two more that insisted they had to come home with me. What's a little to do, right?
  14. Hello and welcome! I'm a big fan of monkeys and have lots and lots of monkey stuffies. How did Mister Boo Boo get his name?
  15. Christmas

    Experience gifts are good for giving a gift without a physical thing tied to it. Whether it's a movie or dinner out, concert tickets (or some other event), or just special time together doing something he enjoys that you normally wouldn't join him in, gifts of time and memories made can be very powerful gifts indeed!