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  1. Clear Confetti Hair Bows

    Ooooooh, that's a good idea!
  2. Little Anniversary

    What a fun idea! I'm not sure I remember the exact date I figured out that I was little, but then I suppose any date closer to it would work. Kinda like a birthday for your little self. *Giggles* I like this idea very much and will have to remember it next spring and plan an outing to spoil myself that day.
  3. How to deal with a daddy that works :c

    Texting, emails, phone calls.... If your schedules are opposite for now, it's like being in a LDR and there are lots of littles and CGs that make that work. It's tough, but you'll get through it!
  4. Recent Blogs

    Curious if there's a way to add a "recent Blogs" section/widget/what have you similar to the one for status updates? Might help blog posts get more eyes on them instead of having to specifically go to the blog section to see them? Because I sometimes forget they are there, and new members may not know at all, but the posts are very interesting to read! And for that matter, gallery posts could benefit from the same? Again, if it's an option with the backed and wouldn't clutter things up too much.
  5. Pet Names

    Exploring a bit of pet play and I was curious: do you have a separate name for your petspace self or persona? If so, how did you decide upon it?
  6. Cheating

    It sounds pretty sketchy to me, and the fact that you're asking on the forum says you're already doubting the veracity of his story. I wouldn't be as worried about my partner having female friends as the not answering the phone or responding to texts. That would bug me because if there's an emergency? He needs to be available. End of story.
  7. Bugbears and loss of reputation

    I was very happy to see the likes come back to the site--so glad it proved a relatively easy fix :)
  8. Insecure little

    I think being insecure can be a common part of regressing, like a residual conflict between our big selves and our little selves. it could get easier as you get more comfortable with regressing, but if it doesn't it's important for our little selves to remember that we trust our Daddies and we have to believe that our Daddies are telling us the truth. If he says we're not annoying or weird, then we have to trust that :)
  9. Break ups

    I'm so sorry to hear about the breakup. Even when the decision is mutual, it's still a big deal, a big change. My best suggestion is to simply allow yourself to feel whatever comes naturally. Don't tell yourself you have to be happy, sad, angry, fine, etc. Give yourself permission to feel and go through the process. Surround yourself with people and things you love so you have support, and don't rush into a new relationship too soon. *Hugs*
  10. 2 outta 3 ain't bad, unless the one that doesn't fit is the one you most wanted. Hopefully I can get the right size of my monkey onesie exchanged soon :)

  11. Have you seen this!!!!!!! OoO

    That looks so neat!
  12. I'm heckin' confused?

    I'll sometimes text anyway, knowing that he won't be able to respond right away because he's driving or in a meeting or whatever. But even though he can't respond, sending the text makes me feel better because it's indulging my little impulse, it let's him know I'm thinking about him, that sort of thing. And most of the time I'm at work, too, so can't indulge in the traditional ls activities. Of course, that requires him to have a certain amount of discipline (turning off notifications, phone on silent, etc.) so he's not distracted in class. If that's not feasible or he just won't, maybe try writing a letter or keeping a little journal during those times. Put on or cuddle one of his shirts, if available, if you need a more tactile stand-in.
  13. Good Christmas gifts for daddy?

    It depends a lot on what sort of things your Daddy likes in general. Does he have hobbies or play sports that you could make him something related to that? The other thing to consider is your skill level and what sorts of things you're comfortable making. But anything that has significance to the two of you... Like any private jokes our stories you have... Those tend to go over really well :)
  14. Long distance

    Seconding the talking about it! You're totally allowed to be sad and disappointed that he wasn't able to make it to see you, but he's also totally allowed to have things happen that prevent plans from following through. It's just as important for him to keep you in the loop as plans change as it is for you to listen and be aware that stuff's gonna come up. It sucks, I know, but it happens all too often. And the next thing is to try and plan a new day to meet. Because being able to look forward to something like that will help ease the current disappointment :)
  15. Custom coloring page

    I'm glad you like it!