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  1. I gots my good nights they fits i kinda shocked😮

  2. MY  NEW TEDDY😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 I needs help i so excited i forgots all the girl stuffie names i had. I mean looky it so awesome☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺


  3. I love these stories. They makes me happy. I havent found a Mommy that wants me yet. I had one but we werent compatable. Cuz im a little,sub,pet. More then anything i want a partner who likes me for my nerdy clingy self. I not giving up hope.
  4. I nots anxious any mores but i still depressed😔 my feets cold an socks no help. I cants wear my footy pjs cuz i not have good nights or diapers😤

    1. NessieMonster


      Huggies. Timgs will get get better.  Chin up. 

    2. BruceDaLittle


      @NessieMonster *huggies u back* i trying it hard

  5. I ordered wipes an powder for wen i gets diapees in jan. I still waiting for my 6ft teddy an goodnights😶

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    2. BruceDaLittle


      I loves my stuffies too.. that good they gonna helps wen i gonna feel lonely🙂

      Goodie i hopes goodnights comfy🙂 the diapees i gets are cloth backed an they super comfy to me less plasticy.

    3. Zombiecakes420


      Nice...i havent found any adult diapers that will fit me that arent super plasticy..i like how goodnights are cottony so its still comfu for Daddy to snuggle up when im wearing em

    4. BruceDaLittle


      @Zombiecakes420 i understands it can be super hard to find comfy diapees i happy goodnights are comfy to u an during snuggles too.*hugs* i gonna try an go nini sleeps well🤗

  6. I has athritis in both my knees an my hands cuz my cerebral palsy an i catch more colds then anyone else i know. Wen i has a cold it hurts to move at all an i gets super sleepy if i moves around for more then 20 mins with no restm I has blue crutches to helps me move. I sowwy if this dont fit the topic.
  7. My 6ft teddy bear is on its way i cants wait til tues.i still feel down in the dumps tho

  8. Little Christmas/Yule list

    Thankies pg🤗
  9. I ordered goodnights cuz i only 105 ibs an i need some protection😶😶😶😶 i hopes they fits

  10. Hi

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    2. JinxxieTheKitty
    3. JinxxieTheKitty


      Me sorta better, daddies home now but I still crampies... why is chu not otays

    4. BruceDaLittle


      Goodie an that sucky🙁

      I Jus depressed an stuffs😔

  11. Did you go through training?/Are you training your sub

    I feel the same way as i believe training is designed to change who people are and i like the idea just of building on who we are and growing together.
  12. Little Christmas/Yule list

    I hopes u gets ur wish
  13. I couldnt  decide wats i wanted for xmas a stuffie or nini diapees😶 i gots the stuffie an i gonna be in nini diapees in jan unless santa gets me diapees😶

  14. I nots in a good place to have a dom of any kind rights now especially with wat happend with my former foster cg i dont wanna be toxic🙂

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    2. HannahBanana


      Aw, hey. It’s okies to cry. (Seriously, it’s been scientifically proven. It helps release chemicals from your body.) So don’t be scared to. :3

      You can message me anytime. :3

    3. BruceDaLittle


      I jus feels like a big cry baby wen i cry😭

    4. HannahBanana


      Lol who doesn’t? 😂

      It's okies. It’s a natural thing, after all.

      Should have no shame in it. Crybaby or not. :3

  15. Little Christmas/Yule list

    I hopes u gets it all☺