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  1. Ball gags ⚫️

    @Lil Miss Dolly I’m gettin a new Paci gag it’s like what you gots but de ones my Master gots me first was soft silicone not willy hard liks some but me is excited bouts me new one dat is coming. My paci I have is de same it’s gots hello kitty caps. Master ordered new caps dat he wanted for me. I like you, only use the right kinds of paci’s too because of de same weeson.
  2. Sillybabydoll know me is worried for you pwease let’s me knos you ok
  3. Need advice dealing with nightmares?

    I dreams a lot but nightmares are no fun . I found that using lavender on yourself and in your room at nite with the misting machine , mine lights up different colors but lavender oil on your chest, wrist , even put on your suffie. Lavender is very calming also you can drink sleepytime tea and it does help a lot. You need also to find out what is triggering the nightmares. Don’t eat late , that is something that has helped me rest better, I keep crackers by my bed so if I wake up I eat a cracker or 2 then roll over pop my paci back in and snuggle with teddy or max who has a sack with absorbent rock pack in him that I put lavender on and I smell it all night long cause it reduces stress and keeps you feeling calm . Try to figure out your trigger though . You said it been happening for the last week , what has happened in the last few weeks to cause you stress or is it insecurities. I’m not a dr but these are things my Drs told me and also my daughter was nursing her youngest baby and the birthing center recommended the lavender to her for when she was nursing to keep the baby calm . So so we are littles so it must work giggles , Right? Gol (giggle out loud)
  4. Lost Daddy

    Daddy’s , is not easy to love littles that are sick, my Daddy loves me but he gave me up due to illness . Is that a Daddy , I tink not!!!! I was so berry sad dat I cried for so long, but den sompin great happen . Someone found me, madder fact 4 Daddy’s found me. So I chatted wid dem. You don’t willy knos people till you chat dem up. You find out what dey willy want. I found dat me was comparing dem all to my last Daddy. So when me realize what me was doen, me thought he let me go . Me wants a forever Daddy so me changed up some and had to tink. What made each one special. Before long 2 was booted out due to no respect for littles ( don’t send pics of your present) we are little you want a little to love you ask about them there stuffies and their names . Ask what a little likes to dos for fun . So this babygirl had to tink . The 2 left had some possibilities. So I tinks to me-self one lives 3 hrs away and de udder one lived even further. I am friends wid one Daddy, but I picked the one further away. Why? Well me will tell you, LDR’s give peoples time to knos each udder. So you travel some but at least it gives you time to decide if it will work. I have always picked someone close by but maybe dat was de problem you get to close to fast before you know one another. I’m glad I chose my Master. Reason ? He is super nice he works hard and he always laughs at my pranks giggles . He makes time for me even at work. He makes sure he texts me good morning and good night he calls and if I don’t answer he leaves the best voice mails so I can hear my Masters voice. He asks about everything I do. I was trained as a slave but when something really bad happen to me my little personality came out . Master knows about me and what happen so he’s careful about the way he talks with me and said he never had a little babygirl before but he is lovin being my Daddy . He can’t wait to see me again only in person. The thing that really made me like him was the fact that he never said that I had to travel but he would . If things work then he would get me a plane ticket to come to him and stay a little while to see how we do . I don’t know about other peoples but I don’t know how many peoples wanted me to come to them . No way buddy! You want me to believe you care , then you need to make the effort. I am hoping l made the right decision. So far I think so, he thinks it’s great that I’m his little babygirl slave but he also can’t wait to tell me each day how much he cares . I’ve never had a LDR but I think I like it because it really does take a lot of pressure off of me to be perfect all the time . I have time just to be me , giggles besides one of the routines is to send a pic soon as I wake up . Really just like I am with my hair all over the place , racoon eyes with sleep still fresh, now who wants to see someone when they wake up looking awful , but I do as I’m told and he comes back with the sweetest comments like “ my beautiful messy princess how I love seeing you every morning fresh from sleep , you can tell you didn’t sleep well last night (cause of my hair every where) so tell Master what your schedule is so we can find time for a nap for my little one”. Now I say to you is that not just the most perfect thing to say to a girl that just woke up and feeling she looks awful. It warms the heart to know that there is still men out there that knows how to treat his little babygirl and make her feel like he only has eyes for you. Then he calls every morning I love that he takes time to chat every morning . No matter what his days like , he always tries to text me every hour. Now tell me girls what would you think. Just so you know Master is all for me!!! If you have advice on LDR’s please let me know what has worked for you !
  5. Ball gags ⚫️

    Master lubs his little with a gag. Me has a red ball gag but Master is gettn his little a paci gag. I tink me will liks it lots bedder. I love my paci so does Master he lubs to taks it out kiss his babygirl den stuff it back in . He says it’s just to darn cute . So when me showed Master the paci gag he laughed and said he had to get it for his babygirl. Do me liks the gags ? Uuuuhhhhhhh it’s ok but because it maks Master happy , me is happy to wears it.
  6. I Willy hope that you get in touch while on here love and miss you. Got lots to share.
  7. @Silly baby are you on here yets . My Daddy came home on hims break to check on me. He has all my stuff put away so I can't get dem. So I has to wait. I got my phone and tablet but him say I has to west or him takes dem back. I will wish der was sumpin I coud do to helps you gets bedder. When you has time I will waits to chat!
  8. I is de same ways wite now. My Daddy says I gotta west so can you come on tomorrow ? If so what time? By silly baby ! I so sorry you sick too. It's willy no funs at all .
  9. Yes I is a wittle with CKD I is now in stage 4 witch dey is twying to control wid my diet. I not liks de foods ! So I have to have supplemental feeden. Dats no fun nedder.
  10. I'm here if you are 

    1. little-rck8


      I'm sorry! I didn't check early enough. :( Are you still here? 

  11. Not liks being adult!

    I don't noes how many pepples here noes me but I is a little babygirl wid a lots of tings to tink about. I need some advice on what's to do . I is a Indian Shamans daughter I is suppose to take my father's place when he passes, I don't won't to,but if anyones here know about gifts den you noes we has to use dem proper. I don't want to lebe my Daddy here for my reponciblites. I liks me life , ihas a good DaddyDom and if I taks ober for me Father my Daddy can't live wid me. I wood has to live on de reservation an I nots want to leave me Daddy, how ebber my gifts grow stronger every day. I love my Daddy he is sad wite now cosz he don't want me to leave him , no more dan I wants to leave him. What should I do please someone give me some advice?
  12. I have named my bunnie

    I gots me new paci holder an her is perrrrrrtttty her ise berry faberet stuffies. I named her Violet. I lub Violet she holds me paci and I can hides anudder one in her belly. I jus lub it cosz if Daddy trys to take my paci I had a nudder one. He only takes me paci when im bad, only for one hour den him gibs it back . Only when I is willy bad! Dis is my bunnie eberbody  does you think her is purtty ?
  13. Pwease forgive me fwends

    i am willy sorrie I not ben on here lately much. I hab had to be a big girl 😞. I hate habben to be de adult. It just no fun at all. I is berry tired. But tomorrow I will tell y'all eber ting. Tank you all for being my fwends!
  14. Having a party

    Had fun wid my frwend we wents to a party for udder pepples like us an we had fun tonight's I am wid my Daddy watchin a mobie. So I gonna snuggles wid my Daddy . Nights yall
  15. Bad night.

    Wite now take what helps is bein offered. It don't madder where it comes from sometimes. Please LGkitten don't do dis to you self. You is a little kitten you needs to has some one takes care of you so you not get sick, or die,all kittens need care. Let me splane liks dis, I lives in de country by a lake,lots of woods. Pepples drop kitties off all de timez. Well what if nobodies taks doe's kitties and feeds dem and gives dem lubs and finds dem a nudder famlies dat lubs dem . Doe's kitties wood gets sick and dies wite? Well I taks in de kitties and de doggies an I hab ebben takken some little piggies. My Daddy says I gonna break him takken in all dem strays him calls dem. I tell him Daddy if I not do it dey will dies and I would be sad! You won't see me to cry? I'm right he says,dey are lucky to hab you . So I says to you LGkitten you is lucky to hab him wite now cosz him cares for you to keeps you from getten sick and dies. It not means you gots to stay der for ebber. It mean sometines you has to accept what hand is there till you is strong enuff again. Dat don't means you gots to lub you furst Daddy again, but him cares about you! Him is showed dat by helping you. Accept that care and start to heal kitty I wood be berry sad if you not be here to talks wid me. We lub you here. Please take care and if you need some one to talks to you can tell me and I will give you my phone number. It madders, I was where you were one time. It will get better I promise , I was doing what you were doing not caring for myself not eating drinking I stayed in bed I didn't want to live with out my Master . I found another Daddy it took me a few years but I was very very careful in choosing him. I'm not saying he will stay forever but you know what I learned, I am strong, you are too, you just need to reach deep down inside and remember who and what you are! In this lifestyle you are a strong woman. We can be littles,kittens,bigs,tots,it don't matter most are still one thing submissives. Submissives are strong kitty, you have friends reaching out to you, the way I had, I healed, you will to . Please think of the pepples dat do lub you, dey wood bees berry sad if you not be here!