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  1. Looking for a collar

    Just search on Etsy for "petplay collar" and there will be tons of quality options from sellers! Many sellers have custom made collars as an option so you can pick every color for the collar and more! I bought two collars from two different sellers on Etsy and I love them!
  2. Advice please....

    Hi! Here are some threads that might help :)
  3. Odd Pets?

    I don't think that's something to be embarrassed by! Typically there are a lot more kittens and puppies and ponies, but that doesn't mean that cows or other animals are any less of a pet. I also don't think that pet play necessarily has to be with animals that are typical pets. I think it's more about an animal and its owner and the relationship.
  4. Any Cake Decorators Out There?

    @Zombiecakes420 Thanks so much! I actually did make my own vanilla buttercream frosting recently and got a set of 4 tips. Piping was really fun!! I think the buttercream was a little too thick though. I didn't have a mixer because I was at college so I had to hand stir
  5. Any Cake Decorators Out There?

    @Lilmomma wow so nice!!
  6. Pet Names

    I think it really just depends on what you come up with and like, and what makes you feel more like you're in petspace. I'm kitten, princess, KitKat, smalls, baby, etc, and they all make me feel super cute and small and little like a kitten!
  7. Feeling Like a Pet in Public

    Ooh I like the idea of a wrist leash! Kind of like how some parents use it to make sure their child doesn't wander off and get lost hahaha
  8. Any Cake Decorators Out There?

    @mindyg @Cricket Thank you guys! Would love to see creations that you guys have made if you'd like to share :)
  9. Feeling Like a Pet in Public

    The two buns as ears is a super cute idea! I think the custom wallet is also really unique and interesting. I've never even thought of tags as keychains either, thank you!
  10. What does your master do to train you?

    I think training is all about commands, rewards, and punishments. Like @BlushyBabyBee mentioned, your owner could teach you tricks and poses. If you do them right, you could get rewarded, and if you do it wrong or don't obey, you could get punished. Using a leash can be really fun for training, because your owner could lead you places or tie you to something if you're bad. But, it's absolutely fine to train without one.
  11. How to ease into more petplay?

    Since your partner already understands the pet play dynamic and what it entails, the next way to ease into pet play is by wearing your gear! Maybe start using names like kitten, master, sir, etc. during play. Incorporating commands, punishments, rewards, training, etc. are also great ways for you two to feel more like a pet and owner.
  12. Feeling Like a Pet in Public

    Yeah, I think since chokers have become popular, people tend to generally accept collars to some extent. Aww I imagine having ears too hehe
  13. I have a tendency to nom...Toy suggestions?

    Oh I'll have to look around for those! Thanksiesss
  14. Snuggles under warm blankets while watching the rain pitter patter on the window as soft french jazz is playing :776_two_hearts:

  15. Collars or Ownership stuff!

    Where did you get yours & What does it mean to you? Are you owned, in training, play collar only? (any recommended places for custom etc) I have a day collar and two play collars. My master and I both like to use the collars as a symbol of ownership and don't really believe in going through a collaring ceremony to prove his ownership of me. There are tons of amazing places to find custom collars on etsy! Just search "petplay collar" or "bsdm collar" or anything along those lines and you'll come up with a lot of searches. Lots of the owners are really nice and helpful too. Discreet or not? why? The day collar is a simple black choker that we lock sometimes. That one is obviously discreet. The two play collars are not discreet, but I don't have the courage to wear them in public. I think it would be really nice and freeing to be able to express my pet side in public, but I'm in college and fear the judgement of everyone around me. Do you have something else other than a collar? Paci, anklet, tattoo etc. What does it mean & why? I have kitten paws, ears, and cuffs that are not used as often as the collar is. They all help me get into kitten/little space. I really want a tail, but I haven't gotten there yet. Whats your collar story ? (Did you go on a date or was it a kink party where everyone watched the collaring or was it just a gift etc.) My first collar is a custom play collar that my master bought for me. We both had been talking about pet play in the relationship for a long time and gradually worked up to introducing new things. We finally got up to introducing gear, and the collar was the first on the list. It really added to our relationship in terms of pet play. Are there rules that come with your collaring? This is a rule but master isn't too strict about it: master is the only one to put on kitten's collars and lock them. Kitten must ask for permission to do it herself.