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  1. How to balance work and little space

    Sometimes its hard not to little out at work but my coworks dont seem to mind...and im usually little from the time i get home from work even if Daddy isnt home from work yet...it helps me want to do chores cuz its like doing tasks for Daddy and i just relax n do whatever little stuffs i feel like...usually when hes still at work is my time for my little shows of the toddler variety and that really helps get into little space after a hard day at work
  2. Ddlg stuff

    I just google it n most of the time stuffs pops up...and remember toy stores and thrift shops are great places to find little stuffs...i go to a doller store where everything is a dollar for coloring books n stickers n little crafts stuffs and even little snackies cuz candy is super cheap and they sell little snack size pks of cookies and chips n crakers thats $1 for 4pks so its a great deal
  3. Long distance

    It was about a year before Daddy came to get me to live with him and ive already been home for about 4months... The long distance was hard but we talked almost every day and used skype lots...also doing little stuffs ( coloring or drawing something mostly)for him event tho i couldnt give it to him right away helped lots..and a special stuffie id hug when i wanted to hug hims
  4. Crawly buddies

    I used to have a couple spiders when i was young..well they were my father's spiders but i played with them all the time..every pet ive ever had gets lots of love and affection no matter how low matinace they are
  5. Daddys birthday is coming up so fast...he said he doesnt want any presents but i still wants to get hims something or makes something for hims but idk what tho lol...im hoping the thread i ordered comes in soon so i can work on finishing my first onesie im making from him old band tees and til then im gonna make hims a bday card 

  6. Things I love about my little or cg.

    Its hard to say just a few things but i thinks one of the biggest things that i love about my Daddy is his big heart, the way he cares about the stuffs most wouldnt think tiwce about..i love that hes a big scary looking man but hes so sweet and cuddly...and the way he says that special name he gave me..ugh..i melt every time he calls me the special name and i know its silly but i try not to use it or tells other peoples what it is so nobody but Daddy can ever call me that special name he gave me...i could go on and on about hims but ill save some space for oyhers to post too lol
  7. Sometimes i get really scared my Daddy will leave me when i haves too many rough mental days where i cant control my temper cuz of too much activity amungst my alters and then being scared of that makes me feel like im pushing him away but hes so understanding and does his best to help me through it all
  8. Help Acquiring Clothing

    You could also try emailing a few of the abdl sites who offer custom onesies and send them the fabric you like to have them make one just for her...or if she's the creative type you could give her a couple of your old teeshirts to make her own onesies...my Daddy gave me a few of his band tees to work with my body type and size doesnt fit most adult onesies because i have broad shoulders and small chest with tiny waist and a larger bottom so i would have to order the size for my bottom however the top would be way to big and most sites wont do custom alterations to make the onesie more form fitting
  9. Thankies...ive learned to be much more open about both physical and mental issues cuz i have to notify my place of work incase i have any difficulties while at work...like if my metabolism is acting up n my blood sugar drops too much or if i my mental issues act up i just let my manager know i need a break to refocus and cool off and they know whats going on with me so its not a big deal...and it also helps sharing with other littles who can relate even if they dont have the same issues cuz its the best way for me to vent and work through stuffs sometimes..and to be honest its stuffs ive dealt with my whole life so it doesnt feel so overwhelming til the mental stuffs acts up really bad...so im here any time if you ever wanna talk about anything
  10. I as well have a host of memtal issues including DID and each alter has its own diagnosed mental issues ranging from bipolar to ptds and schizophrenia...and as far as body issues i consider my high metabolism to be a chronic issue cuz i lose weight to fast and its super hard to get it back, sometimes to the point of having a PIC line incerted in my arm for a constant intravenous flow so i dont get dehydrated and feeding tube incerted through my nostril down to my tummy that gives me a vitiman rich forumla that tastes horrible even though it never touches my tongue...and my legs are a bit messed up...im pigeon toed, bowlegged and knock kneed from being strapped to hospital beds as a baby/toddler to restrict my movement because of my metabolism..all of these issues sort of work in my favor when im little cuz i tend to walk on my toes n trip over myself lots like a small child and Daddy thinks its cute so im not so self concious about it when im little but places like work or grocery shopping and i suddenly get sharp pains shooting through my legs if i step wrong or if my foot is positioned with toes outwords instead of pointing to eachother or if i put my heels together it feels like my thigh bones will snap from twisting the wrong way...and back to the mental issues..each of my alters has a different way of dealing with the physical stuffs..some feel like a small child restricted from everything fun so i get depressed or anxious about it and sometimes the ptsd acts up not only from the trauma of constant proding n poking of dorctors and nurses when i was younger but also from some bad things that have happend and whwn my ptsd acts up on the bad things certian parts of my body ache like the bad things are happening all over again n i get stuck in fear of everything in those times...i dont have any control over which of my alters is up front talking interacting with everyone but i never stop hearing all of them...not even when i sleep cuz they rest when not in front but i sleep to help my body recharge and while im sleeping its just blackness with the voices of my alters..and unlike most who have alters mine dont have individual names cuz i taught all of them to respond to my given name so i wouldnt get in trouble for not paying attention and responding to those around me, so that im not just stuck in my head...and im not on any medications because what works for one alter doesnt work for the rest and amplifies the issues..also the high metabolism cause my body to digest the pills the wrong way so i never get the intended dosages...aside from the mental issues i have not been diagnosed with anything that directly causes my high metabolism, they do what feels like hundreds of tests every year and cant find a reason for it..no autoimmune disease or anything to explain it
  11. I don't feel beautiful anymore.

    Im sure most can relate to this..we've all felt this way at times...i struggled for a really long time and sometimes still do...usually happens to me when clothes shopping because not much fits....im on the oposite side of things tho i have a super high metabolism so im super skinny n i hate it so ..i want soft curves..not jagged bones jutting out under my skin...and i tend to nitpick at my body sometimes so i can relate to no being comfortable in your own body but i found that sometimes when i do something like get a haircut or change my hair color it distracts me from the stuffs i dont like about my physical apperance n somehow im not so worried about all the things i picked at before...i know it can be difficult to get up n do your makeups n hair but it helps to break that "why bother" cycle in your thinking and somehow when you focus on the one or two things you do like about your body the rest of it doesnt seem so bad...for me it took covering myself in tattoos to really start loving my body..i love my ink n its on my body so therfore i must have some kind of love for my body even if its not that bursting with confidence kind of loving my body...little steps goes a long ways and by doing stuffs little bits at a time to help yourself feel better it takes some of the stress your putting on yourself about it away even if its momentary... And for the self harming..please dont do that...thats thats the kinds of scars you wants to hide even from yourself but you cant hide em from yourself no matter how hard you try...i know its difficult not to do something drastic with such intense feelings of dislike/ disgust for yourself but in those times you choose to take control over those bad impulses you can look back and be proud of yourself for not giving in and trying to work through it..
  12. in need of serious advice!!!

    Sometimes even the strongest people need a shoulder to lean on..just make sure he knows your there for him and like others suggested...bring him a stuffie to comfort him or something i do when my Daddy is having a grumpy day is ask him to smile cuz he doesnt let me be pouty or grumpy for too long cuz he misses my smile n wants me happy...so i do the same to him cuz i want hims to be happy too...and yes there will be times the cute little stuffs doesnt work so well but still let him know your there for him even if its just snuggling in silence til he calms down... And on the subject of being scared to use safe words...he wont be angry you used the safe word..he will be proud of you for being honest about your limits and then you can work together on training to be able to take more or at least be able to talk about it...im not so good with safe words so i use the double tap when i reach my limit and after the first time i did it Daddy told me how proud he was that i didnt try to push myself too much to be what he wants, it helps both of grow together and build a lil trust...i wonder if maybe your more scared that the safe word wont work if your playing when hes angry but using it is the best way to break that fear n see that you can trust he will respect the safe word being used...its also good for him when you use the safe word..its a good reminder that your a little and not always to be so rough with you, it helps him work on a bit of self control which i know from personal experience with mental health issues of my own that things like that can be really effective in changing your headspace... Hope this helps...feel free to pm me if youd like to go into more detail and talk about this some more
  13. Design suggestions for a paddle!

    Thats a really creative idea...i wants a paddle so bad...i think i might look into doing something like this as well... ...i made a lil baby flogger from some cute baby print wired ribbon that has 6 tails and beads on the ends of the tails...used an old dried up permenant marker for the handle and lots of super glue to keep it all together...it works great and stands up to how rough Daddy can be with it...i was really proud of it when i showed Daddy after i first made it...makes me wonder how many other items could be crafted from random stuffs i already haves
  14. I needs help 🙈

    Awwww....i know the feeling...its hard for me to asks for stuffs too but when Daddy offers its kinda nice even tho i sometimes get anxiety if i deserve its lol..when my Daddy asked what i wanted for christmas i simply said " all i want for christmas is YOU DADDY!" and hugged him extra tight. He smiled n i giggled but then he asked again and my answer stayd the same lol...eventually i gave in n told him i wanted some art supplies so i could make him a christmas gift..and a new notebook to keep track of all the baked goods( recipies) ive made for Daddy that he really liked so i could makes them for him again... Christmas wiah lists dont have to be just material stuffs...could be stuffs like spending quality time together or pillow talks about any n everything that comes to your little mind
  15. Crawly buddies

    Awwww...zoey is so pretty..i bet it tickles when she walks up your arm...i cant have pets like that cuz i work too much and its not fair to thems to be left home alone so much but i would love some sort of creepy lil buddy like that if i could have one ..even a small snake or slimy lil skink...