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  1. 5 points
    I know this topic can be controversial. Some people absolutely do not want to have sex while in little space and that's okay! Some people do and that's okay too! I think as long as we remember: safe, sane, and consensual (meaning of legal age too!). Now that the disclaimer is out of the way: I like being in deep little space when having hardcore sexual experiences. I feel like a lot of the more intense BDSM acts that I enjoy like humiliation & degradation, consensual non-consent, and heck even more intense sadism/masochism, I need to be in little space. I need to feel vulnerable. I need to know that I can trust my Daddy to love me and respect me and keep me safe no matter what he's doing to me. So being in really deep little space, I am turning myself over completely to Daddy bear and I trust him to do these intense acts. I don't think I could have these acts done on me if I wasn't in that head space. I wouldn't be able to let go. Not sure if that makes sense!
  2. 4 points
    Bullet journal, a form of journaling calendar and diary combined into a personaling thing for each creator of ther bullet journal, there are many different types the simple creative the colour coded and so on , the original idea can be found on here http://bulletjournal.com. I myself love doing bullet journal in a creative way to help myself keep track of doing chores, how my mood are what i need to make of food and of my spendings, it also helps me to show my cg alot of the time how well im doing and that my plans in a week are. Here is my pages for my journal for the new year i made ready not all done needs to make my evening bedtime routine still and my morning routine too. please do share your toughts and how do you do bullet journal if you do it yourself.
  3. 4 points
    Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better. -- Samuel Beckett
  4. 4 points
    Super Happy, Ending the year on a good note!!
  5. 4 points
    On behalf of all the team, I wish all our users a wonderful yuletide/Christmas/holidays all wrapped up in the love and warmth of the people you care about. May peace and happiness be yours. FriÞ.
  6. 3 points
    @Brandon Sleepypaws i understand that full feeling you mentioned..ive never done that with a toy cuz i didnt get my very first toy til Daddy got me one for christmas and i cant imagine falling asleep with my pony tail plug inside me lol...but that full feeling you get from toys will be even better when you have a Daddy and his body so close to yours. that full body skin to skin to akin contact is my favorite and theres no way to be closer than having Daddy inside
  7. 3 points
    I've never had the chance to try that, but I would like to! I think sucking on his thumb as I fall asleep would be very soothing so I can only imagine how just the tip would make me feel, but I don't know how he would fall asleep that way I've also wanted to try falling asleep with him inside me. Like after a good session instead of pulling out we just snuggle like that until we both doze off. Again, never tried these things so not sure how it works! I will say, I have some biting issues while I sleep so I don't know if he should stay in my mouth the whole time
  8. 3 points
    No personals section here, this is just a community for like minded people not a dating site
  9. 3 points
    Countdown until Friday commence!
  10. 3 points
    I had trouble falling asleep the other night when I needed to wake up early so I started crying and Daddy woke up and sang Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer even though it's after Christmas. Then he sang Mary Had a Little Lamb and made me sing the rest for him. He did a lot more until I was calm enough to sleep. The next day I felt bad that I kept him up and he said that it was his job. He said he wanted to Daddy me that hard every night. UGH! How did I get so lucky?
  11. 3 points
    This is a small list of shops were to get little space stuff like cute clothes for it, onesies and such. And where to get things as pacifiers other little stuff and so you are all very welcome to add your some shops you know. Ddlg/little like cute clothing Onesies http://snugasabug.com/onesies A normal site which sells onesies also footed ones. http://www.footedpajamas.com/default.asp This talks almost for itself with it's name here you can find footed pajamas. Cute clothing for littlespace. http://www.spreepicky.com/ Have alot of cute skirts and eared hoodies and sometimes onesies as well. Other stores. http://www.cuddlz.com/ They have mostly ABDL stuff but there are also pacifiers snapcroth onesies and pajamas on this side. https://onesiesdownunder.com/ Also have mostly ABDL , but again also some snapcroth onesies and Pacifiers to find here. They also have an etsy with the same name. http://stores.ebay.com/bigtots/ sells snapcrotch onesies pacifiers and pajamas. The list might be updated later for now this is all. But I hope that you like this little list. and if you have any little store you know or you own list. You can share it here
  12. 3 points
    I was wondering if there any littles with tattoos that represnt their littleness...ive been really wanting to get a little style tatt for a while now..of course it will be sorta gorey n creepy like me but i really wants to start a piece that will grow as does my stuffie collection..thats what its based on..zombified virsions of my stuffies with things like paci and bottle in the background and other random little stuffs...id love to see some examples of little ink and discuss how you came to your decision in artwork added to your body...ive already got a bit of ink..a full sleeve of zombie cakes and a zombie pin up wisking a head of brains...and a few others..actually want to use my little idea to cover some old ink that is no longer valid due to unfortunate circumstances...to be honest i was married to my first dom n used to proudly wear his ownership in my ink however something very bad happened and i suffered his mental and emotional abuse for years til my Daddy rescued me...anyways back to the point...i have a few other ideas for little art but i kinda wanna see what you all feel is little art and discuss your tattoo stories.. Lol..just to be clear..this is about ink as art..nothing sexual...im just curious how little art looks as tattoos and discussing how one become comfortable enough being little to proudly wear it in their body art(tattoos)
  13. 3 points
    A pop up would be possible, but due to the fact that pop-ups have been so misused by some on the web, people would just as easily click through them and ignore their content. In the incident you mention, the fact that the posts were taken down and the user in question banned within an hour of their originally being posted indicates just how effective a community-driven approach to security can be. I would like to take this opportunity to urge our members to report users that breach our rules, including underage users and those who are abusive, bullying or harassing. I would also like to take the opportunity of thanking the many who already do.
  14. 3 points
    Looking awesome today and feeling great about myself :) what a great day :) spread positivity about yourself. Post your fav selfie :)
  15. 3 points
    Make him a coupon book with things he likes in it. Like backrubs or something. Or buy tickets to something for both of you. Those kindas of gifts are always great. Or buy something for you that he will like too. Like panties with his name on them or something like that.
  16. 3 points
    I agree with lots of what torioreo said...but sometimes for me being super deep into little space during sex isnt about any kink or bdsm acts of any sort..the vulnerability is still there but it seems to take it from sex to a deeper emotional bonding experience for both Daddy and me....im sort of addicted to any and all forms of physical attention from Daddy due to some bad stuffs in my past where long story short i ended up forgetting the power of a hug or even having my hand held til Daddy rescued me so when i go to a certian place of my little space during sex it takes it so much farther past the physical aspect of it all and i feel ao much closer to Daddy every time it happens
  17. 3 points
    It definitely took me a while to gather the courage to buy little items in public! But then I realized, "I'M AN ADULT (sometimes)." I have adult friends who have babies. I am an aunt. Cashiers don't know my life. They see so many weird combinations, they honestly don't think twice. Then I have to remind myself, all the times I've worked retail, I can't remember a single purchase one person made. They see hundreds of peeps a day. You got this! Treat yourself!
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  19. 3 points
    Christmas party ! I feels pretty
  20. 3 points
    Welcome to DDlg World! We are so happy you've decided to join! This site is dedicated to friendship and education for all. Check out this helpful Prezi for site features and events. Still a bit lost? Our In Depth User Guide can answer your questions. Don't forget to introduce yourself!
  21. 2 points
    I'm kind of secretive about kinky things in general. The reason why I chose "Airave Alamode" as my username is because is a unique username I never used before, so it's less likely an outsider will recognize me. DDlg in my opinion, is my favorite kind of BDSM. It's more on the lines of wholesome and it makes me feel the most comfortable looking at it. Because of this site, I made a bunch of little friends! <3
  22. 2 points
    I've got a dig bick. You read that wrong. The awkward when you read that wrong too and said 'Moment' when it wasn't there. Hehehe you're welcome :)
  23. 2 points
    Love it when Daddy helps me with stuffs even if its not little related lol...Not sure what made me get into my closet but i ranomly noticed one of my dresses still had that magentic security tag on it n Daddy just used two forks n popped it off without exploding the dye pack inside it....so yays i can wear my dress when it gets warm enough
  24. 2 points
  25. 2 points
    Please don't get rid of it without the will to replace it quickly. this cycle is incredibly hard to break and is what is known as the "Binge Purge Cycle" (where you get rid of your stuff, before quickly getting a severe emotional drive to get another.) Also, you may want to be prepared for the other collar if you get one to remind you of the old one. (Mine has a very distinctive click, and just hearing that alone snaps me into attention, no matter if it is mine or not) You are not alone in your connection to your collar at night, as I to use it to help relax and go into "pet mode" But as for helping to sleep, I think I got your back. For many years whenever I was sick or sad, It is a family tradition of mine to listen to what is called "Delta Wave Sleep Therapy" in which basically soft brainwaves play over quiet music, and your brain is able to sync to it, and scientifically, get better and more restful sleep. Here is the album my family uses...I suggest it to any of my friends with insomnia as well. You can listen to the album here! (mod note: I released it on here because not only has the band departed, but the entire company of the album actually went out of business to competition,, so I feel it should be safe to post, as the results are found easily on Youtube as well) As for disconnecting from sleep dependence on a collar, that may be a little on the difficult side, as such an emotional connection to memories may be difficult to part from. Whatever you do, do not go "Cold Turkey" such an item may be to important to you. I will give some thought on how to help, but I would suggest looking into the album, and see if you like it just for right now. The last track is especially relaxing, and the distraction may help you a little bit. Also any quick search on Youtube can bring up quick results on different styles. It is super calming in my opinion, and can help aid sleep for those having trouble. Hope that helps a little, and big hugs and best of luck.
  26. 2 points
    I'm dying of cuteness and had to share it. Crocheted this piece for a friend's daughter. They have no idea I've worked on this or done it for their baby. I had to share my excitement with someone and figured here would be the perfect place. ❤️ The parents are a couple of adorable hippies so I just know their little flower child will look just beautiful in this 🙏 hope you guys like 😊 I hope to be able to start selling some of my work soon...just gotta build up some stock items and get a site set up or something
  27. 2 points
    Happy New Year, all! I was wondering what (if anything at all) people had resolved to do in 2018. I'll go first, giving you just my main resolution: to write more. I occasionally write about music for websites and magazines, but it has dropped off lately and I want this year to be filled with more, for the sense of accomplishment and also because ot means I get to explore lots of new music! How about you?
  28. 2 points
    Made a new card 😁😁😁
  29. 2 points
    Final BDSM/Petplay/Furry/DDLG/ABDL/CGL Shop/social/info site list *18+ ONLY!!* (Some sites show NSFW material!! keep that in mind!) Petplay sites: (some budget friendly,some not) https://kittensplaypen.net/ http://etsy.me/2yhiDJs http://lunarkittencr...ns.storenvy.com http://kitten-sightings.com/ http://www.kittencre...om/index2.html (expensive,but amazing quality) https://www.etsy.com...p/FelineFantasy https://www.petplay-shop.com https://www.blackwolfleather.com http://http://www.thewell-keptpet.com/ http://http://crystaldelights.com/ Little Pink Kitten Shop – Harnesses, Collars, Garters, Chokers, Pins Tumblr: http://littlepinkkit...hop.tumblr.com/ Shop: https://www.etsy.com...ittlePinkKitten https://www.etsy.com.../MoonKittenShop http://www.fetish-pets-store.com/ http://www.pinkmilksweden.com Furry: https://anthrowear.com https://www.fandomfashions.com https://www.anthrocon.org https://www.redbubbl...andom t-shirts https://forums.furaffinity.net http://www.kilcodocostumes.com https://www.fursuitsupplies.com http://www.madefuryou.com http://www.fursuiting.com http://www.citymuttfursuits.com/store/ http://www.fursuitcreations.com http://www.beetlecatoriginals.com http://www.stormfire.../careguide.html (Fursuit care) http://nukecreations.com/fursuit-care/ (Fursuit care) http://cleanfursuits...com/basics.html (Fursuit care) DDLG Shops: https://www.awwsocute.com (Also has ABDL) https://onesiesdownunder.com/ https://precioushear...ers.tumblr.com/ (Pacis) http://babyyourdoll.com http://binkiekisses.storenvy.com http://www.dreamycraftshop.com https://www.spreepicky.com (Kawaii Fashion) http://www.littlegear.me https://www.ddlgworld.net http://www.littleforbig.com ABDL: https://www.wearingclouds.com (Diapers) https://www.diaperconn.com (Diapers) http://www.cuddlz.com/ (Diapers) http://www.buntewind...tewindel.de/ (Fabine Diapers) http://rearz.ca/ https://tykables.com/ http://www.pacifiersrus.com/paci/ (pacis/clips) https://www.adultpacifier.com/ (Pacis,same creator as Pacifiers R us) https://bambinodiapers.com/ http://abdlfactory.c...ute=common/home http://www.footedpaj...com/default.asp (Adult PJ's) http://www.pajamacity.com (Adult Footed PJ's) http://www.sissyheaven.com/adult_baby (Clothes) http://abdlfactory.com/ http://www.baby-pants.com/ (Adult sized plastic pants, onesies, diapers, pacifiers, etc) http://shop.inner-child.co.uk/ https://www.littles-downunder.com.au ABDL Furniture!! http://www.babyapparels.com/ (Adult sized cribs, cradles, high chairs, changing tables, etc) http://cribbed.com/products.html http://www.therapost...o.uk/care-cots/ https://www.viktoria...-abdl-furniture Etsy Shops for Handmade Ddlg / ABDL / Cgl / Ageplay: Forever a Baby: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ForeverABaby Adult Baby Things: https://www.etsy.com...AdultBabyThings Toddler Forever: https://www.etsy.com.../ToddlerForever My Binkies and Bows: https://www.etsy.com...yBinkiesAndBows Adult Baby Sissy: https://www.etsy.com.../adultbabysissy Big Bottles: https://www.etsy.com/shop/bigbottles ABDL Padded Bottom: https://www.etsy.com...BDLPaddedBottom Daddys BDSM Shop: https://www.etsy.com.../DaddysBDSMShop Cushy Paws: https://www.etsy.com/shop/CushyPaws Todds Comfy Cloth: https://www.etsy.com...ToddsComfyCloth Mina's AB Place: https://www.etsy.com/shop/minasABplace BDSM Shops/sites: https://kawaiibdsm.com https://www.Fetlife.com https://www.sub-shop...AiAAEgL2PfD_BwE https://www.domsub.l...616455078125000 https://www.extremer...s.com/home.html https://thepleasurechest.com/kink https://www.thekinkfactory.com http://:http://shop.bdsmgeek.com/ Info /social (Forum) sites: http://www.yourlittleside.com (Info) http://www.ddlginfo.com (info) https://www.ddlgforum.com https://ddlgworld.com (social/forums) https://www.littlespaceonline.com (Social/Forums) How to be a little: https://www.domsub.l...to-be-a-little/ And of course: Aliexpress Wish Amazon Ebay Tumblr Whew! That was a lot of researching. This is the last Update I'll do to this,I think this is enough sites. xD
  30. 2 points
    Cant wait til Daddy is home ...im having a hard time staying focused on one task at a time...i keep trying to do some cleaning but getting distracted n little out n randomly diving into my stuffies... ive made the bed 4times now but i keep jumping in the bed n snuggling the blankeys all in a mess again lol
  31. 2 points
    I am new too!!!! I really really want mire little friends if the offer still stands
  32. 2 points
    I'm new to this website but not to the community. I been trying to find friends near me or anywhere really. I want to make some so I can have play dates with or just talk about little thing and big things.
  33. 2 points
    Oh gosh no. Ignoring is not good. Unless you have discussed it first, and she has accepted it as a punishment. Plus of course you have made her fully aware that you are going to do that as a punishment BEFORE ignoring her. Being ignored is way beyond punishment for most people, especially your average lg.
  34. 2 points
    I was not looking for anything in particular and yet I found a friend greater than any other due to our "special bond" That did not start with an open agreement or a verbal expression of interest in the DD-lg community. It simply developed on it's own. I always secretly enjoying a man calling me Baby girl because the nickname gave me such a special feeling unlike other nicknames such as "Boo" "Shorty" in fact I was never at all fond of these. However not many men have called me Baby girl and nor did I want to point it out by saying it is something I like as I find it more special when it just slips off the tongue naturally. My Daddy Bear caught my attention with the words for which he spoke. Oh! the subtle dom undertone of sly confidence with such care. It's as if he knew all the dirty little secrets I ever wanted to be done to me. Like he entered my little space!! O.O INCONCEIVABLE! I had to continue talking to him and so we did what seem like Foreverrrsss! I even told him my deepest darkest secret. One that I was embarrassed to tell anyone EVER! before I knew it Him and I had developed such a relationship to which is today regarded as DD-lg but unawares was I to this community or that it was even considered BDSM! Haha go figure! However it does bother me that the normies or Vanillas immediately associate Daddy as if there is some incest role play going on. Not all! Has nothing to do with the idea or having any kind of sexual relations with your parent and or child. From my end as a Little :D even without knowing that this is a kind of relationship I wanted in so many ways. It was about being able to play around , talk silly, guidance from an intelligent individual that sparked my mental fancy ;) being controlled but not in the manner that occurs immediately when you just read the word "controlled" haha but more so in the sense that in his guidance he would not let me fail or do wrong but feel confident that whenever needed he is there to shine a little light. A Daddy Big and strong! who takes nothing from anyone but has special sweet side just for me! yet at the same time some one who would dare to grab me by my little parts and claim his toy , So to speak ;) The Daddy I have superseded that with they way he listens. He wants to know everything about his little even before I knew I was being a little. However what I didn't Know is that Daddy already had had his eye's on me prior to meeting and was eager to know everything about me. Such in our many conversations and moments we were always there for one another. While both still enjoying our own social lives and the occasional sexual fling with some one. Daddy was always there never judging but always just wanting the best and safest for Baby girl and I always letting him know whether requested or not. Where I was , how i was doing. Never I demanding replies because I gives my Daddy space but even so he always replies. We do always in our ways put each other first, trust is fully on the table and there is by no means any secrets. I personally feel once you open that barrier and quite literally bare it all on the table and Daddy Dom takes that and makes you feel like the grandest princess. There is such a free spirited feeling that occurs within. A weight is lifted I suppose you can even go as far to say that it is therapeutic to some degree. I am handing over all my weaknesses and putting them safely into your big hands. Which allows me to feel like I can be as I wish. As a late 20's something single Mom I am constantly always the strong one, the dominant, the fixer upper so to be involved in a kind of relationship that allows me to drop the my armor , surrender my body, and at time even allow myself the freedom of sharing intellectual thoughts/theories. I find it to be something I look forward to every morning and every night it has become something of an addiction and definitely a kind of relationship in and of it self. I have to admit to some degree I keep this relationship hidden. For reasons that I will disclose now such as not everyone will take it quite the way you view it which can be a bit disappointing because to a little like me it's very exciting and such a happy thing! Why do others have to make it so weird? :( yet at the same time it's very enticing to hide around or make sure no one can see the name on my cell that clearly says DADDY. That is also exciting and makes it more fun and funny sometimes haha. Daddy always has a good laugh when I tellem someone saw his name and asked who's Daddy!?? it's not roleplay , roleplay is when I put on the school girl outfit Daddy likes so much this is bond. A very unique one that with two consenting adults looking to love and give love and love hard ;) at some point Tee Hee then it becomes a very beautiful thing that you can't seem to let go of even if you want to. However it's not just about Daddy giving and spoiling Baby girl. As a little I take care of Daddy too and make sure he's okay too because if he's not then i'm not. Daddy above many things must be well and happy :D I am a very Happy Little and i'm glad there are other little's too! I was so eager to express this Thank you, Night Night! xoxo's -Jinxs!
  35. 2 points
    So I have just recently started being a little and I have been wanting to buy little gear anytime i go out somewhere. Everytime I try I always have anxiety of someone judging me while I’m buying it, especially the cashiers. I’ve tried going to the self check out line in other stores but i always see someone staring at me and get anxiety and decide not to buy it. Even online, I’m afraid that if I get the package my parents will see it and try to ask me about it. Any advice will help ,so thanks in advance.
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  37. 2 points
    been hasing a tough time buh now i calmed down an stuffs i wealise cutting out dis pawt myself pwobly not the best idea so i sowwy i oberweacted :)
  38. 2 points
    I going to my grams tomorrow so if i cant get on for xmas, i wanna wish everyone a merry xmas☺
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  40. 2 points
    When you are unsure your daddy is a switch, cause he keeps asking to be '' hit one more time '' turns out he just is singing britney spears tough. @Saki
  41. 2 points
    I love going to the dollar store....daddy gave me $10 to either save up ir spend on some little stuffs at the dollar store..of course i chose to go to the dollar store...but it was worth it I got two of my favorite drinks and some choclates and some gummies and some alphabet cookies and sparkle gel icing and two new collars Do any of you love dollar store shopping too? Its so fun and i love how ordinary stuffs can be little stuffs for super cheap at the dollar store
  42. 2 points
    I agree, Mister Boo Boo does seem a bit more natural (though it makes me want to give him a bandaid, giggles). How many monkey stuffies? I kept losing count in the 60s last time I tried to count them. And more keep following me home, like just today I found two more that insisted they had to come home with me. What's a little to do, right?
  43. 2 points
    No baby talking from this lg! Mine is an attitude, an emotional thing. An innocence and an open display of vulnerability. Hard to define exactly. i am submissive before all else, but i have a mind of my own, and an often strong opinion. Daddy loves that about me. That i am no weak little baby, but i still gladly live under His rules and control.
  44. 2 points
    Well, I think it’s maybe a good idea to tell him you’re not your average little. Also, I think, based on how you’re describing yourself, you’re a Rough and Tumble little! 😋 Dont worry, you’re not the only one! I’m the same way with my daddy. :3
  45. 2 points
    Only a few more days until my birthday~
  46. 2 points
    Would it work to have him"tuck you in"as your conversation begins to wind down and then continue to have pillow talk after. Maybe that would help?
  47. 2 points
    I would be the grinch but instead of stealing presents,i would just sneak around eating the cookies and milk
  48. 2 points
    Yes. But the Disney movies can be whenever! Because you can’t go wrong with Disney! :3
  49. 2 points
    I don't care how old I get, this kind of thing will always be funny XD But my own experience of silly in sex comes as a cautionary tale to any of you who like to put some music on for the occasion. BEWARE SHUFFLE. You will not want to stop mid-flow to switch the music over, so carefully choose your playlist ahead of time or you, like me, may end up thrusting in comedy timing to Suppe's Light Cavalry Overture. Not sure what that is? Try this from 2'22":
  50. 2 points
    Omg, these stories have me in a fit of the giggles!! I guess I actually do have one to add... My hubby and I were once right in the throws of lovemaking when he let out a toot! We tried to be "adults" and ignore it but we both ended up laughing so hard!! We had to throw in the towel for the night, but we still laugh about it today.