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  1. 15 points
    DDlg World will always hold a special place in my heart! Many hands have gone into building a safe, informative community for CG/l and kink-friendly members. I'd like to take a moment to thank @Rosalie, @Remi, @Zero, @Buttons, @GlennOfAllTrades, and all current/past staff members for making this community what it is. Unfortunately, I cannot continue as an owner of the site/server. Graduate school demands all of my time and money and I cannot give the site the support it deserves. I was really worried and sad that I would have to shut down the site. Fortunately, @Saki, our knight in shining armor, has decided to step into the role of admin/owner! Saki is not only a great staff member, he's a dear friend and I have all the confidence in the world that this site will thrive under his supervision. I will stay on as a staff member during this transition, mostly behind the scenes. Lastly, I'd like to thank all of YOU! As always, we do this all for our members. I'm excited to see what this site can accomplish in another year. Thank you for all the wonderful movie nights, game nights, and silly memories Saki will be making a post soon but I'm a butt and decided to do this while he's asleep/at work But I know he would appreciate any sort of monetary donation to help support his efforts. https://www.generosity.com/celebration-fundraising/monthly-expenses-competitions-giveaways--2
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    Hello, Everyone ^^ I am utterly delighted to make my first official post as the new site owner! On the surface there's actually very little to notice about this transition; all the staff are still around to lend a helping hand, and everyone is just as committed to making our little community the best it can possibly be. Beneath the surface, it made a lot of sense for me to take over responsibility for the site as I am simply in the best position of all the staff to do that right now. Tori and Glenn and all the cast of mods and admins now and since gone have worked incredibly hard on making this community site what it is, and I didn't want to see all that effort sacrificed as the dual pressures of time and money made themselves felt, so I volunteered to take some of that pressure off. I am thrilled to still receive the benefit of their collective wisdom, guidance and help. They became my friends through DDlgWorld. I do have a few ideas for the site, and these, all being well, I hope you will see being announced gradually in the months ahead. I am quite excited! For now, I am keen to recommit to keeping our community forum open, friendly and informative. To that end, I would like to take the opportunity to remind everyone that we can only continue this site thanks to the generosity of its members. We rely solely on donations from members to pay our bills (though it has often been the case that staff have invested personal money as well as time in keeping the site alive), and we are grateful for every dollar we receive (as well as other currencies!). So if you find you have some spare change, please consider donating by following this link and getting the warm glow that comes from helping your community - as well as a special donor badge to display proudly in your profile! Take care. Saki PA to Squiggle and Penelope
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    I love it when our members pull together for the community. Like @turtle dove just has with her very generous donation to the site which will keep everyone here enjoying the forum that bit longer :) But it's not just financial stuff. Even when you lovely lot are not able to spare a dollar you are all helping our community with your participation, your friendliness, by sharing your knowledge and spreading the word :3 If any of you are considering donating - any small amount - , you can do so by following this link: https://www.generosity.com/celebration-fundraising/monthly-expenses-competitions-giveaways--2/x/14663498 We are also looking at ways to make it easier to make one-off donations to the site as well as a way to give a tiny lil amount regularly if you wish. But for now: thank you all so much ^^
  4. 5 points
    Stuffed Animals tuffies, plushies, plushed animals. Whatever you call them they are super important for us littles. We hug, cuddle, and play with them quite a bit. And after a while they will start to get dirty. Don't forget to wash our stuffies every now and then! It will make them regain their fluffiness, They will smell fresh, And they are clean of course! I cleaned all 3 of mine pretty easily today by putting them in the washer and then afterwards in the dryer. BUT! if your stuffie is not suitable for this I recommend hand washing it. I will include instructions how to wash them by hand. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stuffed animals that cannot go through the washer/dryer – Have a music box sewn inside – Are extremely old and fragile – Have items glued on. Glued-on eyes probably will survive a washing though. – Have delicate ‘clothing’ items on that can’t be removed (think glittery, net-type dresses or delicate little crowns or the like) – Are filled with small foam balls inside (like Beanie Babies) and not batting. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Washer & Dryer What you need – Washer – Dryer – Detergent Process – I recommend putting them all in a pillowcase when you wash them so they are protected. – Use small amount of detergent – Don't wash them at a high temperature! Between 30 and 40 Celsius is the temperature you are aiming for. – You can use warm or cool water but don't use hot. – Hang them to dry. or put them in the dryer on the lowest possible temperature. Personally I just put them in the dryer at the lowest temp while they were still in the pillow case and they came out fine. One quick note is that some stuffies have labels attached to them which might shed some colour. Try to wash the labels by hand before washing the stuffed animals fully so this doesn't get mixed with the stuffies themselves. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hand Washing What you need — A clean toothbrush (it doesn’t have to be new, just clean)— Two clean white washcloths— A clean white towel— A small bowl or wash basin — High-Efficiency laundry detergent Use only a white or very light colored towel to wash and dry your stuffed animals. A towel that is dark in color or hasn’t been washed a million times might transfer its color onto your animal. And we wouldn't want that to happen! Process — Place a small amount of HE detergent in the bottom. — Then fill the bowl with warm water and dissolve the detergent with your hand. — Dip your washcloth into the detergent solution and leave the cloth fairly wet, but not saturated. — In a circular motion, very gently rub the outside of the animal with the cloth. Continue washing until the whole stuffed animal is clean. — Have a really nasty stain that won't come out? Use the toothbrush as a last resort. But be careful not the be too rough otherwise you might damage the stuffed animal. —Wet the other washcloth under cool, running water and again leave it fairly wet but not saturated. Rinse the stuffed animal using the water-only wash cloth, gently rubbing in a circular motion. You might have to rinse this washcloth several times and wash again to remove the bulk of the detergent. —Dry the stuffed animal with the white towel. —It is best to let the stuffed animal air-dry or sit in front of a fan to dry. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    Things do not always run particularly smoothly, and nowhere is that more apparent than in the world of software and the Internet, the vagaries of which are legend. Since Hallowe’en, the site has undergone two software updates. The first was mainly to fix a security issue, but the second was to try and fix the bugs of the first. For a short while, this left our users unable to award reputation - those likes on posts. The likes have been with the site from the beginning, so it was relief to find the solution was simply a matter of ripping out our forum theme and re-installing it. The site looked a little bit of an ugly duckling for a short while during the changeover, but thanks to the quick work of our Admins @ToriOreo and @GlennOfAllTrades, and especially our highly motivated/caffeinated Tech Admin @SnowyLeopardCC, I think it now looks and functions better than ever. Thank you all for your patience when we perform such maintenance, it really is appreciated. Whilst I am very happy following this last update, I am always keen to see what we can do to improve the site, and it is something we discuss as a staff quite often. If there is anything you would like to see, whether it is technical like a site feature or more community based like an idea for a competition or event, I would love to hear it. You can let me know by leaving me a comment here, adding a topic to our dedicated board (https://ddlgworld.com/index.php?/forum/77-forum-suggestions/) or sending me a message on the site or through our Discord server. We may not be able to do everything, but I will try my best to listen to as many of our members as possible! Take care ^^
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    Some of what I do in my spare time.
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  8. 4 points
    Hi all, so it's been a while since I've been on.... good news... Daddy and I got married! it was on October 21st :) how has everyone been?
  9. 4 points
    So recently discovered "Little Scouts" on FetLife, which is basically like boy scouts or girl scouts, but for littles and care givers! I looked into it and there aren't any troops in my area /: But I found out you can make your own troop relatively easily. Here's a link to the "Little Scouts" website. And here's a link to "Little Scouts" group on FetLife. If anyone in El Paso, Texas or the surrounding area would want to be a part of the troop I plan to start, message me! If you're not in my area, does your area have a little scouts troop? If so what has it been like being a part of it?
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    Routines are a good place to start--bedtime, for instance. Having him tuck you in is a great reminder of the dynamic and happens every day :) Find parts of your day that play well with how you work in the dynamic and start making it part of your everyday.
  11. 4 points
    *gasp* I look weally scarwy! *covering my eyes* 😱🙀🙈
  12. 4 points
    I so happy wight now! *squeal*
  13. 4 points
    This Topic has a lot of ideas. You need to really think about what you want in a partner and what your willing to compromise on ahead of time. If you go looking for a kinky dynamic straight out you might be tempted to ignore personality conflicts you have with them. So I 100% say you need to do the normal dating routine. Go out a few times, see if you work as friends... otherwise what’s the point of making it a relationship at all? If you won’t put in the work the most you’ll get is a ddlg friends with benefits arrangement. Basically. Too many people base the whole relationship on the kink aspect and then are shocked when it fizzles out in a few months. Chat with everyone, not just potential partners. Make lots of online buddies and you’ll find someone. The slow approach will probably help with your trust issues as well. I met my partner online on a vanilla dating site. We dated normal for years before adding anything kinky really. Dont rush this... or all you’ll get is heartache.
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    Have him join the site! Having other bigs to talk to will help a lot with ideas and issues that are bound to pop up once in a while. Aside from that, the more little you act, the more daddy he’ll be able to be. Make routines! Have him read you a bed time story every night or give you a bath. Ask his permission and opinion on things, even if they aren’t a rule. Deferring to his judgement will help boost that daddy/dom confidence. Pretending things sometimes is good too.... like pretend you can’t get a jar open or you can’t find your coloring books. Give him lots of oppportunities to baby you.^^ Dont forget to praise and thank him for these things too. A “daddy thankuuu so much I’d never find my crayons without you” will go a long way. Make him pictures and send him cute adorable messages all day too.
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    I don't keep one (other than a regular day planner) but I do make journals/diaries! This is one I made last year after learning Bookbinding.
  16. 3 points
    Daddy and I are in a LDR. The time difference sort of helps, as he's getting home from work as I'm getting up in the morning. I tend to only have one a day a week where I don't see him at all (thanks to Uni). We skype as much as we can. He'll "safe" me once he gets to work so I can fall asleep knowing he got there safe, and he'll send me messages on his breaks for when I wake up. We use the time we do get to watch Netflix and things together. Definitely a lot of messaging and selfies and cute, cheesy posts. It's not easy, but you make it work ^_^
  17. 3 points
    We have been together five months, and what awesome months! And it has that special feeling of seeming so short a time that our first getting together feels like a fresh laid memory and yet we have that special comfortableness that makes it seem like we always were. Elsker dig, @Dollycupcake <3
  18. 3 points
    Insecure comes with the territory. Your doing or acting different from what society considers normal so it’s only natural to feel weird about it from time to time. Or to worry others don’t like it. But if you trust him.... then you can trust him to tell the truth. He says he likes your littleness then he probably does. He loves you and wants you to be happy. 💖 Honestly.... sometimes I find some other littles annoying too. 🙈 Sometimes traits and actions we like in one person(or ourselves) we find irritating in others. So even if he finds another little annoying, that doesn’t mean you are. Even if your similar to them in some ways.
  19. 3 points
    So my Daddy and I both really enjoy the DD/lg dynamic but we have trouble keeping it up. We have these short periods where we are really committed to it, but they're always followed by these long periods that last for months where we just don't think about it. We have rules but we often forget about them and never enforce them. We really do want to do this more. Any advice on how we could be more consistent?
  20. 3 points
    Um.. hewwo. I’m new. Today’s my first day on here. I’m 18. I’m a little. I’m kinda shy. I’m not sure how this website works. And my caregiver doesn’t know i’ve even joined. Mostly because they’re new to the whole cg/l dynamic. Um.. i’m not sure what i’m supposed to share here. I’m more into unicorns and kitties. So my pet name is Unikitty, also because i love Unikitty from the lego movie. Um.. i’m just hoping to find people who i can talk to about this stuff and not be judged. And um.. i need to figure out how to get this to work on my phone so i’m not sitting in the living room right outside my parents’ room.. but anyway.. hi!! It’s nice to be here and i hope it’s a friendly as it seems. Boo-Bye!! xoxo, Skully Alchemy
  21. 3 points
    Hewo guys! I am watching Cinderella wif my stuffies. I feel kinda sad, cause I wish I had more little friends to talk to! My stuffies are cool n all, but they are so bad at coloring... anyone live in Washington? I'm at the tippy top, almost Canada! My daddy actually lives in Vancouver bc hehehe.
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    YAAY! I wear onesie to school! I so happy wight now! *squeal*
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    DADDY IS ON HIS WAY!!! I'S SO HAPPEH!!!!!! *runs around excited*
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    Site software upgrade went well. Looking sharp, Squiggle & Penelope :3
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    I've only been here for a few months but it's hard to imagine a better new steward for the site! Congratulations on the new title!
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    Okay.... so I try my best to never be overly little in public. It’s not really that I’m ashamed but I don’t want the Hassel of other people being rude. When I buy my little things I think about what I’d like, but I don’t do the spazzing happy dance like I want too. Hehe I wear pigtails and cute dresses when I’m out, It’s little without gettting too much attention. It works okay because most people think your just shopping for your child.
  29. 3 points
    For me, there's levels of littleness, especially when I'm out in public. Keeping hold of your daddy's hand or arm is a good way to keep your focus on him and block out whoever else might be around. And if he has ways of bringing out your littleness, ask him to help you. Definitely tell him if you're feeling self-conscious--it could be really good training/bonding time :) If you're worried about drawing attention to yourself, maybe choose an outfit that doesn't scream 100% little, but looks "normal" (such a subjective word, lol) but you can still identify with as little--for me it's a certain pair of glasses I associate with little me or wearing a cute hair bow or a certain pair of shoes, or a onesie with a skirt or jeans over it--because no one else knows that's what it is, I can be incognito but still feel little. And I don't know about you, but when I'm in the store, even when I'm by myself and more or less being adult me, I can't help but slip into little space when I see stuffies or cute sippies and all--it just happens no matter who's around! I hope you have fun on your shopping trip :)
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    Shut up I'm not crying you're crying!! You're too sweet and thank you!!
  31. 3 points
    I just want to say a huge, huge THANK YOU to Tori! We started this site as admins together and it was an amazing experience working with you. You have always been super dedicated to the site and an absolutely lovely person to work with. You've been such a huge driving force behind the growth and success of this site. I wish you all the luck in the world with grad school Also good luck and thank you to Saki for taking up the mantle!
  32. 3 points
    My bestie is coming to visit this weekend! it's going to be so great to see her after a year. And to finally have a break haha
  33. 3 points
    Colored pencils take lots of layers but it’s worth it
  34. 3 points
    Theres a cute bookrack on amazon! doesnt take up much room! $20 You can get a stuffie net above ur bed, they are like $5 at walmart and act as a hammock for your lil friends! I have a puppy so i have to keep everything out of her reach. As for books, the berenstain bears are always good! disney story books if youre into that. The Runaway Bunny is cute. Little Red Riding Hood. Stellaluna... Creating an art area is much easier and more affordable than you might think! I use mason jars for my markers and pencils, I have a DOLLAR STORE STORAGE CUBE for allmy beads, and some smoller jars or trays for glue, scissors, glitter, etc- just on my normal shelf. then my stickerbooks/coloring books are on the book rack! Toys toys toys, I am in the same boat my friend. need MORE. have you ever heard of littlest pet shop? i use to have when i was biologically younger. Barbie dream house is SICK. suer annoying tho. you can talk to it now adays. Dress up clothes. feetie pajamas. THOSE GLOW IN THE DARK WALL STARS sorry im just naming stuff i remember i WANT. goodwill has awesome toys and games if you on a budget or want some classic toy gold
  35. 3 points
    Okay.... there are a lot of older littles on this site. So no, your age will have no influence on your littlespace unless you decide to let it. Sure you might grow out of being a little, but you don't have too if you still enjoy it. And there are daddies out there for every type of body and age. They don't all want the young tiny things... it's just what's commonly portrayed. Kind of like how only buff tall men are in magazines but a lot of girls prefer different types. Don't let images dictate what you think you have to be. Its a weird balance you have to strike having children. It does get easier over time though. My children are 10 and 7 right now and I have no issues embracing the little side of life. We go to the toy store together and watch movies. I get to enjoy these things with them instead of just watching over them. It's nice. My partner always takes time once everyone else is in bed to focus on me too. So I always get some one on one little time. And as long as your child grows up seeing your stuffies and sippy cups as what you do then he'll think no different. It's hiding it and acting like it's wrong that will give him that idea. Sure when he brings friends over you may have to hide them and be adult, but that's only little bits of time. I keep all of my little items that I don't want to share in with my naughty toys. That way I know they are well hidden. Lol But I leave out my coloring books and stuffies and fair bows.... my room is sickenly girly pink... my boys just know it's how I am. No issues. ^^
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    There are many posts for littles and submissives on how to spot a fake mommy / daddy / caregiver or a fake dominate. However, there are hardly any posts on how to spot a false little or submissive! Believe it or not, a fake little can be just as detrimental to a caregiver as a fake caregiver can be detrimental to a little. The issue is that abusive and fake littles tend to manifest their tendencies that are more difficult to spot and are easily hidden in comparison to fake caregivers who exhibit many behaviors that are characteristic to abusers in vanilla relationships such as controlling, anger, and a lack of consent and / or respect. With the lack of information on how to spot a fake little, it is very easy for a genuine caregiver to be taken advantage of and used. So, here are some signs on how to spot a fake little. Neediness Now, it is traditionally expected that littles are a tad bit needy which is true. Many of us are and regularly seek the attention of our caregivers. However, there comes a point at which neediness can become abusive. Sorry to say fellow littles. If your little constantly demands attention even when you’ve said that you’re busy (I.e at work, driving, etc.) and refuse to accept that you’ll respond later, that you’ll give them affection and attention later because you’re currently dealing with personal issues, bills, etc, then this is a huge red flag. It can show that they don’t care about your own mental, physical, and emotional well being. As a caregiver, it is important that you are taken care of so in turn, you can care for your little-- and as a little, if you are like this-- it is important to understand that sometimes your caregiver cannot give you constant affection and attention due to having to deal with their own issues. Manipulation or guilt tripping Littles do a lot to get things to go their way. We pout, throw tantrums, whine, etc. However, none of it should be done in seriousness. Never should a little threaten to commit suicide, injure themselves, or withhold any sort of love or affection for not getting their way. This is another red flag when it comes to littles, especially if you are not in the position to provide them with what they want and they make a serious threat in order to receive it. This can also manifest itself in the form of another red flag in which they only want you to be their caregiver so you can provide for them while they do little, or nothing in return. A lack of respect for boundaries Whether it be they call you their caregiver without your permission (which is a red flag), or make you do things you aren’t comfortable with or didn’t ask for, no little should force themselves onto you. If you aren’t comfortable doing something, or you didn’t consent to an activity yet they make you go along with it anyways whether it be through manipulation or otherwise a little should respect your boundaries. A lack of respect for your boundaries is a red flag for an abusive or fake little. Even caregivers have a right to say “no” to a particular activity. Making you feel unloved or unwanted This can manifest in comparing you to other caregivers they’ve had, or what other caregivers do for their littles in order to try to get you to act in the same way or behave like other caregivers. In a way, it is a form of guilt tripping-- especially when it’s a situation such as, “Oh, my other caregiver used to buy me xyz.” When they try to get you to buy something you probably can’t afford to, and if as a result, the comparison makes you feel as if you aren’t as good as their previous caregiver, or as good as another caregiver, this is a red flag. Other signs of abuse Other signs of abuse that can manifest in littles are also the same signs that manifest in non-little individuals such as controlling, extreme jealousy, etc. Many times, the signs of abuse don’t change regardless of the role that someone takes, whether it be in a vanilla relationship or CG/l based relationship. The red flags traditionally never change-- however, they just manifest themselves in different ways. As a caregiver it is important that you take care of yourself and don’t end up in an abusive CG/l relationship. It can be difficult to figure out the signs of an abusive little due to the fact that sometimes the signs manifest themselves in ways littles often express themselves, however, a non-abusive little always knows how to tone it down and understands that their caretaker is a person with their own wants and needs that have to be met as well. To all littles, from another little, be sure to take care of your caregiver as they would take care of you. Be there for them as they are for you and understand that sometimes a caregiver doesn’t feel very much like a caregiver for various reasons. As a little, it is our job to make sure that our caregivers are safe, happy, and healthy just as they do the same for us. If you ever find yourself in an abusive relationship, refer to a local domestic abuse hotline-- especially if you feel that your life is in danger or that you cannot escape the relationship. It is important that you find ways to escape that type of relationship and remember that you deserve happiness and love too. Be safe, sane, and consensual ♥ Written by: RainbowLoli
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    Personally, I've never had a trip canceled by/been disappointed Daddy - @BigDaddyWolfe , it's usually been a money issue that's stopped me from visiting (I'm in Australia, he's in the US). But I was definitely sad and miserable and very vocal whenever they fell through. Daddy understood this and knew that I'd be extra whiny. He'd usually try and cheer me up by doing something extra sweet (gifts, cheesy movies, extra long Skype calls, etc) to try and make it easier. I know it's hard, I truly do. If it's something personal that stopped him from coming to visit you, you might have to sit and have a "big" conversation with him as to why he bailed on you, especially if he doesn't have a "good" reason for canceling. Explain to him that it's hard on you and he should make the effort to cheer you up at the very least. He should be able to at least explain things to you. If not, then there may be deeper issues at play :( I'm sorry -offers hugs- (>^_^)> <3
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    ive been away for a few months due to my mental health but guess whos backkkkkk
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    So much tuffies I dunno what to choose! 😭😭😭😭
  41. 2 points
    Yay!!! A few more hours and i gets to see my daddy!! I's so excited!!
  42. 2 points
    Happy Monday!!! I'm so excited that tomorrow is Halloween I can barely stand it! 🎃🎃🎃
  43. 2 points
  44. 2 points
    Good morning daddies, Mommies and Little’s. I hope everyone has a wonderful day.
  45. 2 points
    Who says you can’t be fashionable and work pipe line? Oh, and have a three legged cat?
  46. 2 points
    Dis game berry fun! I WUB did game! *squeal*
  47. 2 points
    I've been in that spot, not with a Daddy, but a relationship that just won't end the way it needs to. While only you can say what you should or shouldn't do, if it's hurting you or making you feel bad, that's a good indicator that something needs to change in one direction or another. Trust can be found and built with others if you open yourself up to it. Maybe a cooling off period where you can both figure out what you need and don't need would be beneficial?
  48. 2 points
    1. How many stuffies do you have? right now on my bed i have eight!! 2. Which one is your favorite? my two favourites are cuddles and puffy 3. Give a brief description of them. cuddles is ten years old and she is a white build-a-bear with blue speckles. she’s very cuddly and she wears hello kitty pajamas! puffy is a smaller pink soft bear with a rattle. 4. What is their name? cuddles, because she is perfect for cuddling, and puffy, which is short for puffalump, her full name. they have slept in my arms together almost every night for ten years now 💜💜💜 5. What's the story behind the stuffy (Were they a gift, how long have you had them, etc.)? i got cuddles when i was ten (irl) at build-a-bear! she has been my constant companion since. puffy is the third incarnation of my childhood toy (i was heartbroken when i found out there were three puffys) that my nanna gave me when i was four months old. im a very sentimental baby and i love my stuffies so much, it makes me happy to talk about them!
  49. 2 points
    me too lets be fwens pls
  50. 2 points
    I think the best thing to do is be open and upfront with him about it. In my experience honest communication really helps skip all of the worrying and discomfort in guessing what your partner is thinking or might think. If you want him to do more little activities with you, you should let him know! (: And if you want to explore your little space a little further, you should ask him if he's comfortable helping you along. I find tons of "how to get me into little space" posts on tumblr. Maybe you could find a few and tell him what you might want to try.