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  1. Today
  2. Discord is being a bit of a tinker, isn't it? They are saying they are working hard on fixing the problem with Google, so stay tuned!

  3. “Daddy Issues”

    I don't personally have a great relationship with my dad but it isn't bad. He's still in my life and helps a lot and he obviously cares for me and I care for him but I don't bond with him like I do my other family members. While being little is definitely something that's always going to be apart of me, I'm not sure I was always this way. I don't think I was born this way. I think growing up with a sister who was older but mentally disabled gave me this sort of mentality when I was younger. She was older but will forever have the mentality of a 5 year old. I could see how happy she would get over simple cute things. While I am happy to be a fully functioning adult, I could see the benefits of living life with the wonder of a child. Appreciating the small things. Trying to love unconditionally. Laughing too hard. Taking the time for things that make you happy. I always tried to incorporate this in my life even way before I knew what CG/l was. Now it just makes sense that I can incorporate this in more than one area of my life. So no, I wasn't always little but it wasn't because of my "daddy issues." It's just how I want to live life! I don't think I could ever get rid of that side of me.
  4. New Friends

    Nice to meet you Lena :)
  5. New Friends

    Hello, I'm Lena. :)
  6. New Friends

    Hello, I'm new here. I want to make lots of friends
  7. “Daddy Issues”

    What bothers me about this is how we are shamed for having issues, yet if men fancy older women it's considered as 'milf', no one talks about mummy issues... No one shames men for sharing the same fantasy/ reality
  8. First time in a while that I can't go to sleep early. It's nice, but not at the same time. e.e;

    1. frosty223


      oh dear, sending hugs

  9. Cheating

    I have to agree with minyg and BlushyBabyBae. I've been married for 2 years, and we have been together for almost 7 years in total. There is no way I would ghost out on my Kitten to hang out with a stranger for 2+ days. I tell my Kitten where I am going, how long I plan to be gone (She understands when I run over my estimated time.), and I even send cute messages when I am hanging out with my vanilla friends. Personally I find that in a relationship (Whether it is Vanilla or BDSM) Communication, and Trust are key.
  10. Contraception!

    Yep! Got my Implanon put in this week. Daddy( @BigDaddyWolfe) and I really don't like condoms, we're married and both clean so Kitten got "chipped" as we call it xD Fair bit of bruising after, but you don't feel it go in or anything (they give you local anaesthetic). It only takes like 10 minutes and they can take it out easy enough. Cycles still happen in most, lasts for 3 years and cost me like $6! Haha.
  11. Contraception!

    My Kitten @IzzyKit went with Implanon.
  12. Clear Confetti Hair Bows

    Ooooooh, that's a good idea!
  13. Clear Confetti Hair Bows

    Would be really cool to try it with tulle, too.
  14. Bleh me wanna sleep but my body won let meh!!!! 😣😣😣

    1. pixstix


      Aww thats a horrible feeling! :( Hope you're getting some sleep now.

    2. sahunna


      Thank u pixstix. Thankfully i was able to get at least 5 hrs of sleep then a nap after a few hours. 

  15. Must resist temptation. Want to eat candy. Wahhhh.

    1. ToriOreo


      Don't do it! Ugh I can't stop :61_sob:

    2. pixstix


      I resisted! <3 Proud of myself hehe.

  16. are there any other bunnies out there?

    Love buns!! <3
  17. Yesterday
  18. Discord is currently having some issues. We are waiting for them to fix it. You can always check the server status here: https://status.discordapp.com/

  19. Little Anniversary

    Oh it’s such a cute idea to do. Hehe yey!!!!
  20. so excited for my craft show on monday :) i've been making so many cute things 

    1. tinyjohnson


      I hope it goes well for ya

    2. daddy's good girl
  21. help

  22. help

    Maybe something to talk about then? Talk about rules that both of you can agree on?
  23. New little sorting it out

    Holy moly!! 🐢🕊 is SO glad you’re safe but heartbroken too that it was such a hard line. SMH submissive, slaves, pets, littles ... always have a say. Some Doms don’t take our submission as a gift. If more thought that way, this would be a beautiful Union. They’d realize that we are literally giving them apart of our being. Entrusting it in their care to train, nurture and above all else, love. Love and light sister 💔 we’re all here for you.
  24. help

    He's more into spank and yell at . I just don't want to follow his rules tho .
  25. “Daddy Issues”

    I've always had my dad in my life so I believe me wanting a daddy dom is just me wanting to keep that same sense of protection and love but from my significant other. If you've had daddy issues or not you shouldn't feel bad. At the end of the day you should do what makes you happy! Also like some other users have said you could be healing and you don't have to link your life issues to little space!
  26. help

    You could always write him a note and draw something on it. :)
  27. help

    Maybe you can tell him you're sorry and color him a pretty picture !
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