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  1. Today
  2. Littles in Oklahoma?

    I’m from Oklahoma!!
  3. Kitsune

    Thank you. I doubt that it would hang in any establishment, since it is being done on a piece of cardboard from a tv box.
  4. Kitsune

    I bet many people would love to see your expressive nature. You should share.
  5. Potty License Generator

    I made mine with daddy and this is how it turned out
  6. New to all of this

    I am completely new to this but something deep down feels like I need this bad. My husband and I have been married for going on 17 years but things have gone bad. I had several surgeries that lead to a drug addiction he has stood by me the whole time but not having a father figure all my life my husband is that but I don’t know how to approach him that I think this kinda relationship would help us a bunch. Please help I don’t know how to go about this I think he would be all for it but I am not sure how to show him or to give him something to read that would help him in wohat I need. Thank you
  7. how soon is too soon?

    Good for you ..... soooo happy !!
  8. When your cat tries to jump onto you but falls halfway and get stuck to your tighs cause well he does not understand how to retract his claws always, fun stuff. ouchie. *pokes Mugge* you really need to learn this kitty.

    1. Saki


      Poor darling :*

    2. SnowyLeopardCC


      Eeww,  I hate that.  But it could be worse,  like when they get their claws stuck in our leggins / tights and or cloths when they slide off...  :3_grin:  Poor Muggee kitty.

  9. Onesies/Bodysuits

    I live in central Ohio and there is a person here that says she can make me onesies for $20 each if I supply 2 tee shirts to use . She said she uses a swimsuit bottom pattern ..... haven’t tried it yet but I plan to . My diapers are always falling down and I have to pull them up :/ . Hopefully these will help .
  10. New here , but definitely not new to diapers!!

    @Brandon Sleepypaws hi thanks for the insight , I will check out the link that you referred me to . Basically I really wouldn’t care if she was to be interactive with me or not . Just simply the fact if I wanna have a half of a dresser drawer with a few dozen of my favorite diapers at my disposal then that would be so comforting to me . I’m not a 24-7 by no means , sometimes I go a few weeks maybe month without wearing . We did just have a wonderful trip to WDW in Orlando . Many times I thought how fun it would be to be there and diapered too !!
  11. I cant sleep! HELP

    Delta wave Sleep Therapy Ambiance is some of my top favorite. It is really good for dropping off the face of the earth after a hard day. :) Hope you enjoy. -Baby puppy hugs!
  12. This or That

    Stuffies by far. I just want something to cuddle with <3
  13. I cant sleep! HELP

    I'm currently listening to the album right now. It's super aesthetic. It reminds me of vaporwave. I love it!
  14. This or That

    Stuffies, because they can listen if I had a long day and----wait......no.... STUFFIES WITH PACIS
  15. New here , but definitely not new to diapers!!

    Hi and welcome! I noticed there was this little article in the "Library" section of the site, and I would highly recommend you read it if you ever want to let her know, about your desire. The real trick though, is I heard "Never ever tell anyone your not willing to lose" but at the same time, I have gained some of the deepest trust this way, by being straight rather than letting them find out. Sure, hints can be exciting, (ESPECIALLY if they could possibly find out) but it can lead to some pretty deep arguments if done wrong, or if there is a misunderstanding. You say you put a lot of hints, do you mind if I ask on what those hints were? Are you wanting to possibly let her find out slowly, or are you really wanting to still keep it secret? It is important about being truthful to your wife, (And who know, maybe you can hint it in fantasy roleplay and do something she likes to possibly do as well) A good question for this stands "What is your biggest fantasy." I am not talking sexual fantasy, but fantasy in general, and who knows? She might have an interesting side to her as well that she is keeping from you as well. I feel communication is critical, important, and paramount in any relationship. Know that everyone has limits, and maybe you wont have to hide any more. Kinda know all that was off topic, but I hope that helps out a little bit. Baby puppy hugs!
  16. I get to see Daddy tonight! Crossing fingers my flights are all on time (and so am I, lol)

  17. Hi everyone !!!! New here but a 20 year DL . I’ve been able to keep my diapers hidden from my wife for the duration of our marriage . Looks like it will stay that way after lots of hints about my deepest desire . Oh well it’s a lonely world sometimes ..... sniffles :( . But a nice padding helps and makes me smile again !!
  18. Any Littles Into Adult Diapers?

    @Zombiecakes420 yea I may go a few weeks maybe a month without wearing but then comes that special time for me when I need some extra help :)
  19. Today is gonna be a good day..i tucked Daddy in with one of my stuffies as i was leaving for work and he snuggled it with a big smile then i kissed hims on the forehead n left...cant wait to get home to Daddy

    1. Brandon Sleepypaws

      Brandon Sleepypaws

      That is absolutely adorable! <3 Im sure he can hug that stuffy as a reminder his babygirl is waiting for him. Hope you have an okay day at work, and if isnt, hopefully you can have plenty of hugs to come back too. 

  20. This or That

    Stuffies i need something to cuddle with
  21. Struggling to accept my little self..

    I'm kind of secretive about kinky things in general. The reason why I chose "Airave Alamode" as my username is because is a unique username I never used before, so it's less likely an outsider will recognize me. DDlg in my opinion, is my favorite kind of BDSM. It's more on the lines of wholesome and it makes me feel the most comfortable looking at it. Because of this site, I made a bunch of little friends! <3
  22. What Kind of Little Are You?

    42.86% Princess 14.29% Brat 28.57% Angel 14.29% Crybaby 0% Pet
  23. Master and I started dipping into the idea of ddlg a few months ago when we discovered it and have recenlty decided to fully embrace it, but I am struggling to do so. I have always struggled with low self esteem and shaming myself so I am totes feeling like there is something wrong with me for enjoying age/kitten play. Has anyone else ever struggled with thoughts like, "what other people would think of me," "I must be a pervert," "I am weird and must have issues"? I have also never opened up sexually and I feel like for the first time in my life I am in a safe, secure and healthy place which has been allowing me to open up and be vulnerable in so many areas that I never could. 90% of me is super excited and LOVES all of it, but that 10% keeps eating at me and I want to accept myself for who I am. Any encouragement would be much appreciated! :)
  24. Unconventional paci

    @Brandon Sleepypaws im sure youll find someone soon..you seem like a very sweet kid and the Daddy who sees that and treats you right will be a verry lucky guy
  25. Journey to DDlg Part II

    Thanks for sharing your story. :)
  26. Unconventional paci

    I know @Zombiecakes420 :( I really want to have a daddy, but I know the time will come one day when the moment is right. I always liked the idea of having that different warmth inside of me and everything, maybe one day. Big hugs, and crossed paws that my time will come soon.
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