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Would you eat a poison 🍎?



I was browsing storynory.com (check it out its a podcast that has recorded stories) for something new and ran into this song by Aoede.

              :780_sparkling_heart:Fairy tale love:780_sparkling_heart:


I'm still considering if I would willingly go through all the hardship I've experienced to end up with a prince that can heal my wounds or atleast smooth them over. It's true that going through challenges and conquering them builds us into the person we are today. Let me state we have all conquered those challenges! I firmly believe we are all suriviors, a little chipped, a lot worn, but we are blazing successes none the less. Would I toss aside years and years of hurt and loneliness? It really depends on what I would lose along the way. Some of my memories are precious enough that I want to keep them. I want to share the unique wonder of watching a sand storm build in the distance.  Seeing the black clouds build on the horizon as my tummy is pitted with fear. I can share the sudden joy when that fear burst into giggles of delight.  Giggles because screaming in a sandstorm is invigorating and I knew for certain that one day I'd share my experience with all that excitement bubbling up in my voice. So, I guess yes, I'd eat the poison apple, not because I need a prince to heal all my wounds. I would eat it knowing that the journey it takes me on will be peppered with adventure and experiences to later share with my daddy. I can always revisit those places to make happier memories later. And if my daddy should kiss me to get rid of a dew lasting ouchies I'd love him for it all the more. Besides who wants to sit kn a tower for their whole life?


P.s. i would NOT let my hair down for any guy. Only my daddy can pull my braids. :18_kissing_heart:


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