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About this blog

A place for me to dump my mind on my littleness, and help me discover myself !!!

Entries in this blog


So this is going to be kind of a thought dump, and I ish sowwy if it comes out sad...

I feel so lonely sometimes. Like being new to the community is hard for me sometimes because I'm more introverted, even behind a computer screen. Everyone seems so connected and I'm jealous. Sometimes I just feel lonely, even tho I know friends are right around the corner if I tried. And I get frustrated too because I feel like I have so much to learn, and so much to catch up on. Others make friends so easily, and seem to pick up on so much so quickly. I just got to remind myself that it takes time. Not everything comes immediately. That people have known about and been in this community for years. I'll discover myself eventually. I'll make friends soon enough and maybe one day even find a daddy. Patience is key...

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