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This might be the only place I can write about this








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I don't normally do public entries like this so it'll be a sort of first for me -- 
And so, guess anywhere is a good place to start. 

I never really outgrew LS.. but only learned it had a name recently. 
I've taken stuffies, stickers, cartoons, cute games and colouring pages  with me throughout my whole life so far.
Soft caring natures were and are what I seek out in people. 

Eeeven had a pacifier phase in the ole teens having nothing to do with drugs or even kink life. 
When I lost my blankie I realized I could make a new one, much later albeit. When I lost my childhood bear I started filling my space with new toys. 
And even now I want to make crafting and DIY my business. One of my oldest passions.
The earliest signs of my attraction to LS, without its name: 
Is when I think about being called kiddo. Or any kind of pet name really so long as it was sentimental.
Wanting to be silly and youthfully playful with my partners, about since I started dating. Getting dressed up with dreams of becoming the doll they said, saw. 
Being nurtured by an older, certain wisdom and tangibility.
Being tickled.  Affections of many kinds.
It's interesting for me to start learning what aspects, while turning this lifestyle (DDLG) into my own, are for me or not.
And i'm learning pretty quickly to not just be confident about but always willing to learn <Which I usually am so that should come a bit easier.
Right now in life I feel a lot like an adult orphan of sorts which is why i think, a lot of this is tugging me toward DDLG life and finding it personal and fitting way to cope. 
I've been seeing my Daddybear, a small but fair bit now
that's who shed light on this new knowledge for me.  
Coming to me open heart telling how he's quite fond of ~nurturing~ and being referred to a certain way and status, essentially.
Then came an intro to subspace, I actually kept seeing these hints at this side of nature  everywhere after that. 
And even things my subconscious picked up but could ever really place, since the universe drew its curtain away.. 

Upon my own research I happened upon this website.  And came to know the true meaning of its celebration, this lifestyle. 
I believe i'm digging up an undiscovered part of myself by charting and magnifying this. 
Anyway I think my sweet honeypot gave pixie his cold so i'd better sign off to catch some much needed zZZzzs

thanks for reading!

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