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  • Welcome to DDlg World!

    We are a group of friends whose primary aim is to spread education and friendship throughout the kinky world. Our journey began with a common interest and focus on the Caregiver/little dynamic (also known as DDlg). However, we have decided to branch out; Petplay, ABDL, and BDSM have all joined our family and made a home on our forum board!

    We firmly believe that a community is defined by its members - our members are what make us us. This website was supported and funded by loyal members of the DDlg and CGl community, which we could not be more grateful for. It would have been impossible without you. For that reason, the well being and safety of our members is our number one priority, and we ask you to read and adhere to our site rules.

    This website is still in its infancy so please bear with us while we continue to make improvements throughout. Keep an eye on our News and Updates board for more information.


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